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2011年7月15日 星期五

the most powerful tips to lose weight -Korean black bean diet

Korean black bean diet

With black beans, he finally ended the 11-year weight-loss process to start a new life. Previously experienced the weight loss process is so difficult and hard ... but a chance at the start of the black beans diet but not completely hard, do not need to reluctantly go to practice, the light just eat black beans only, no I do not know let him sleep in XXL shirts from the original into a shirt to wear S size
However, since the case of the black beans
It was full and adequate nutrition point of satiety
Since then his family from the greedy delicious
The black beans fresh and rich in fiber also allowed him to discard the stool due to re-put a face full of elasticity and vitality
Not just a fat, even the annoying acne, scalp itch, were all disappeared
Black beans diet is so amazing!

You waiting for?
With just 4 steps:
1 breakfast of black beans and steamed tofu
2. Lunch attention GI index intake
3. Dinner is half of normal food intake
4 three times a week, walking 30 minutes each

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