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2011年7月15日 星期五

tips healthy diet

A healthy diet Healthy way to lose weight is the best month in two kilograms Oh, quick weight loss will only increase the chances of it re-fat diet at the beginning of the most difficult, because you anxious to see weight loss results, so many ways to quickly lost patience to lose weight, so the thing is to have patience because as Oh,
Here are some quick and healthy diet. See look
The most effective way to lose weight healthy fast

● exercise fast weight loss methods
1 jump rope skipping one thousand flies under the daily diet per day / lose some weight 0.5 kg
2 sit-ups 20 times a day to lose weight by day 20 until day 100 day / weight 0.6 kg
3 swimming diet once a month to go swimming every morning and evening / weight 2-4 kg
4 to go walking weight loss of more than brisk walking 5,000 steps per day for 2-3 months / 1-2 kg weight loss

5 weight loss exercise to lose weight right shoulder, put up, then down to relax, back and forth four times. Put up with the shoulders and then down to relax, back and forth eight times a month / 2-3 kg weight loss
● diet quick weight loss methods
1 yogurt fast way to lose weight: Drink 2 cups boiling water after getting up (500cc)
. Breakfast: oatmeal yogurt (fresh yogurt 250cc + comprehensive nuts), nuts can be integrated instead of breakfast cereals
. Lunch: fruit yogurt (yogurt 250cc + fresh seasonal fruit)
. Dinner: normal meal within a week / by 3-6 kg
2. Yogurt fast way to lose weight: eat fruit breakfast, lunch, drink yogurt, 250 grams, preferably with added flavor, or lactic acid bacteria AB, dinner drink yogurt 250 grams. If hungry you can drink water or eat fruit, to lose weight 5 kg to 7 days to implement yogurt diet, to beauty or minus 3 kg yogurt can be implemented for 3 consecutive days within a week weight loss / reduction 3-5 kg.