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2011年7月15日 星期五

10 effective ways to lose weight

First, exercise to lose weight Features: natural therapies, safety without side effects, easy to rebound.
Reason: For weight loss, the movement is undoubtedly the most helpful, although the effective exercise to lose weight slowly, but the movement can maintain lean body mass and improve insulin sensitivity, improve the static metabolic rate, these long-term benefits, it is simply do not diet to. It came in the first weight loss is diet and exercise reasonable control.
Note: The first movement the main points of weight loss long-term adherence, and second, to be controlled with diet. Sports nutrition supplement while taking these agents, the better.

Second, Western diet
Characteristics: rapid onset of effect, but the rebound rate, side effects.
Reason: Western diet, strictly speaking should be vested in prescription drugs, unfortunately, the weight-loss drugs are now under the banner name of health, secretly adding a drug ingredients, so unknown to the customer only interested in weight loss, and the use of more than safety multiple doses of the drug was unaware of, so eat a variety of issues to the phenomenon have occurred. However, it is useful to its own weight-loss drug side effects such as rebound and does not consider factors alone, rapid onset, is much reduced, it should be top of the list. But health is the most important friends ~
Note: must be under the guidance of a doctor medication safety, people do not take taboos.

Third, customized weight loss
Features: according to their different situations, develop customized weight loss programs that seek to maximize weight loss.
Reason: Because obesity by age, sex, associated chronic diseases, health, lifestyle and diet, genetic factors, and many there are many differences, so to lose weight need to vary, symptomatic and treatment. Customized weight loss should include: use of targeted products, to correct poor eating habits, healthy weight loss psychology.
Note: you need to find an experienced professional organizations, or experts.

Fourth, nutrition, weight loss
Features: weight loss attributable to diet, that is, eat less, and eat high nutritional value, which is the essence of weight loss diet.
Reason: simple obesity, the most basic question that is greater than calories consumed calories. The daily intake of calories is too high and the high calories contained in food, or food intake too much about. So nutrition is mainly a way to lose weight meal replacement, low-calorie high-nutrition foods to replace high-calorie low-nutrition foods.
Note: meal food nutrients in the body must be able to meet daily needs.

Fifth, acupuncture weight loss
Features: Adjust the endocrine, no side effects, the effect is good.
Reason: acupuncture by stimulating the relevant points, to promote the body's fat metabolism, consumption of fat accumulation within the human body, regulate gastrointestinal functions, timely elimination of body waste, to adjust the body's endocrine function, while curbing the appetite, hyperactivity, and ultimately achieve weight loss . The effect of acupuncture at 73.3% to 89% or so.
Note: You need to have formal qualifications in the hospital.

Sixth, traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight
Features: toxic side effects, prescriptions flexible, rapid onset of effect.
Reason: the more complex causes of obesity, most scholars believe that obesity and physical fitness, age, diet, work and rest, emotional, genetic and other factors. The Treatment is the core of traditional Chinese medicine therapeutics, treatment of obesity also have to emphasize diagnosis and treatment, it has targeted, taking into account the complications and so on.
Note: traditional Chinese medicine research design compatibility, and dialectical theory of governance, anti-backfire with the wrong medicine.

Seventh, weight loss tea
Features: The most convenient and easiest way to lose weight.
Reason: Many natural plants, including tea, are more or less lose weight, although weight loss is not so obvious, but long-term adherence, self-help. Particularly suitable for use as an auxiliary method to lose weight ... ...
Note: a variety of commercial weight-loss tea, usually with vent drugs, to vent the main mechanism of weight loss, undesirable.

Eighth, topical weight loss
Features: external goods, overcome people's fear of the side effects of oral administration of drugs.
Note: topical creams and the like products of the body fat metabolism does not play any effect, so the systemic treatment of obesity without any help. Actually need to use any creams massage, heat and so on. In short, as long as the massage well, as can be to lose weight. Imagine a bunch of fat, through massage and heat, the fat tissue in the gap will widen, the capillaries will attack first, a good local blood circulation, fat metabolism will speed up, full of fat cells will naturally lose weight and, therefore, on the thinner part, the real role is to massage creams play a supporting role.

Ninth, lose weight corset
Features: create lines from the chest to the waist so slender waist and upper body look more slender.
Note: there is nothing to say to the shift of fat, so the nature of such products does not produce fat loss results. Also they should not be too tight waistband Le, which is harmful to health. You know, Le waistband at the waist, in front of the abdominal cavity, followed by lumbar, if Le waist tight, the intestines squeeze to go after pelvic, pelvic cavity will affect the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes of blood circulation, so that unable to get nutrition, reproductive organs and excretion of waste, growth, development and reproductive function failure, often caused by irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and so on.

Tenth, dieting to lose weight
Features: Economic, lose weight fast, but likely to cause malnutrition, bounce rate.
Note: Due to a diet will reduce the basal metabolic rate, based increasingly to reduce energy consumption, weight loss more difficult time than a high, fat cells control the amount of lipase fat reserves become more active, more likely to cause fat storage, recovery diet will quickly regain weight, even more than the original level.