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2011年7月16日 星期六

A way to lose weight: diet weight loss

Each "fat paper" angel wings are the last generation. Today, more and more "angels" become "fat paper" on the road in the weight off the wing. Ever since, the majority of the fat began to create their own paper, a variety of ways to lose weight. However, these weight loss methods should also pay attention to scientific, effective and safe weight loss is always a measure of scientific and unscientific standards. To this end, the author collection of many of the director, for everyone to elaborate on the most commonly used scientific way to lose weight.

A way to lose weight: diet weight loss

Carbohydrates, protein, fat is the daily life of the three nutrients needed by the body. Scientific research shows that weight increase is due to the reason why consumption of excessive amounts of fat. Therefore, a scientific diet to lose weight is to adjust the ratio of the three nutritional intake. When the calories of heat than eat it, "make ends meet", the body must consume the calories of fat to fill vacancies, "scientific weight loss," the purpose was achieved.

First, eat low-calorie fruits. Such as Apple, it is a low-calorie foods, regardless of how much to eat, are no less than daily intake of calories, and yet more so to reduce weight naturally; banana laxative effect is familiar to everyone, and every day to eat twelve banana, with a meal of appetite compared with only about half of these low-calorie, both detoxification and slimming. Second, as use of vegetable fats instead of animal fat, vegetable fat, low melting point, easy to digest, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, lipid-lowering effect. For example, in cooking oil into, you can choose peanut oil, sesame oil, corn oil; eat more fat, eat the small plant-rich foods such as walnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

Health Tip: These start to lose weight through diet, as long as the match was reasonably healthy, their physical change is of great help. But need attention, we are now eating by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives and other pollution, the quality has gone down, be careful when choosing food.