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2011年7月15日 星期五

ginger tea-weight-loss method

ginger tea-weight-loss method
 "Three meals a day, type of nutritional intake should be balanced." Some doctors and nutritionists are telling us. But really need the case? Our idea of ​​a "simple fasting to lose weight", the first question from the basic ideas of this diet started.

Ginger tea to warm the body, therefore, can effectively resolve the cause of obesity because most young women, "cold body." This simple fasting, no need to force insisted that the pain patient to lose weight. On the contrary, precisely because of its need to force himself not easily adhere to, therefore, became a high success rate of the "ultimate diet."

Ginger tea processing methods:
1 using just boil the water.
2 pre-warm the cup.
3. A cup of tea using a tea bag.
In the brew good tea to add small chopped ginger or ginger juice can be prepared to produce a ginger tea. However, intake of dietary fiber from this point of view to eliminate constipation, select the small peeled and chopped ginger ginger juice is better than choice. If you could add honey, brown sugar, prunes and other people drinking, weight-loss effect will be more obvious!
Advanced fasting, so weight is not NG:

Phase I: 12 hours after dinner, fresh off training!
1 target population: early on the hungry and to target people who lose weight
Method: Breakfast = ginger tea 1-2 cups of apple + + cut into small pieces yogurt or miso soup
(2) target population: the early and in any case on the hungry people who want to eat breakfast
Method: (Japanese) rice + miso soup + pickles + natto + + ginger tea 1-2 cups Luo Buding

Phase II: Breakfast drink ginger tea from the beginning!
Breakfast: 1-2 cups of tea + ginger cut into small pieces of apple
Lunch: The first is to drink ginger tea before and after lunch. The benefit is the ability to effectively warm the body, promote metabolism, accelerate the body's absorption of nutrients lunch, use, burning and discharge.
Lunch if you eat too much, a lot of blood will flow to the stomach to help digestion of food accumulation. In so doing, can the brain and muscle blood supply becomes inadequate, and fatigue were also very easy to fall asleep.
Dinner: eat everything OK, drinking is also OK!
The third stage: high fasting sprint!
1 half-day fasting recipes
Breakfast: carrot / apple juice 2 cups (2 carrots + 1 apple)
Lunch: carrot / apple juice 3 cups (1 +2 apple carrot)
Dinner: white rice (add salt, black sesame seeds) 1 / 6 bowls, 2 prunes, dried small sardines 1 small bowl of miso soup (add tofu, seaweed) 1 cup
2 half-day off from food throughout the day fasting
If you have successfully implemented a simple 2-3 half-day fasting, then the next you can summon the courage to challenge the simple, fresh off a day! Fasting is a simple but such a gradual phase formed, it is definitely a safe and ideal way to lose weight.
Breakfast: 2 cups carrot / apple juice
10: 1-2 cups of ginger tea
Lunch: 2 cups carrot / apple juice
15 points: 1-2 cups of ginger tea
Dinner: 2 cups carrot / apple juice
3 After a day off after eating breakfast recipes
White rice (add salt, black sesame seeds) Sheng Qi Bafen to look full, 2 prunes, dried sardines 1 small bowl, miso soup (tofu and wakame added)