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America FDA diet 2 pills for 13 year help weight loss

help weight loss
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today by a new weight loss drug Qsymia applicable for obesity and overweight persons. This is paragraph 2, approved in the United States for 13 years listed on diet pills.
Qsymia called Qnexa, approve the applicable object as a body mass index (BMI) above 30 obese people, or overweight, and at least one related symptoms, such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure patients.

In two about 3700 obese and overweight subjects were randomized controlled trials, patients taking Qsymia years in the case of taking the highest dose, the experimental group average minus 6.7 to 8.9 percent of their body weight more than the placebo group.

Qsymia fact is a combination of two kinds of old drug: Phentermine (phentermine) and Topamax (Topiramate is), these two drugs are known to help weight loss.

The girlhood weight loss secret

The girlhood weight loss secret

In fact, girls times since his debut, often spread they have many unique weight loss secret attracted to maintain body weight, including weight loss menu before the concerts and other major events, such as breakfast part is to eat mysterious rice, grilled chicken breast and seasonal vegetables; lunch in addition to the mysterious rice with chicken breast and salad with nuts, dinner, compared with sweet potatoes, boiled eggs and salad. This diet meals total calories to 1200 calories, not only a balanced intake of starch, protein and other nutrients, but also will not go hungry.
Girlhood to have a dinner only with a small paper cup "inhuman diet, but also spread to South Korean television station KBS" Performing Arts Street Live "has publicly girlhood and other diet books and sports law, which most people dumbfounded the method of rice Sheng into the cups of rice does not exceed cups two-thirds of the remaining third part to eat some vegetable-based dishes. This has also allowed many people to address him, when the girl group is not easy. "The girlhood weight loss secret

Massage to lose weight

Massage to lose weight

Massage to lose weight, compared to exercise and diet, the "misery index" low bursts to go to the passive acceptance of "treatment" to lie down two hours on the line a bit lazy preferred. Theoretically massage weight loss than exercise and diet is more difficult to rebound, exercise and diet, once stopped, it is easy to rebound after the end of the massage, if no other reason, lose the fat will not come back. On the health level, massage between moderate exercise and excessive dieting between the risk coefficient is significantly lower than the medication indiscriminately. Lying to accept a massage, even up to less than weight loss, no harm to the body, use a good massage oil such as virgin olive oil but also skin care (provided that a good weight loss beauty institutions), the right to rest.

Massage faction, however, must have a certain economic strength and weight loss rate of the purse may greatly exceed the speed of waist slender. Reporter survey found that massage slimming general price range in 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan a course, and often require two or more treatment in order to achieve the desired effect. This is why a variety of large and small beauty salon have hung out a weight loss signs of reason, woman Qian Haozhuan, "the woman's money was too fat dirty color" better earned.

Massage the principle of weight loss, in common with acupuncture, pay attention to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians, it seems that the weight loss community of Chinese medicine theory, a high degree of love, and must be very annoying Fang. Purpose of stimulating acupuncture points and meridians, some say that physical conditioning, endocrine regulation, increase metabolic rate; Some say that to reduce the appetite; some statement is to promote lipolysis. All roads lead to Rome, and finally achieve the purpose of downsizing. Massage techniques each with different, often supplemented by a variety of instruments, and some even to equipment-based. These devices, mostly known as foreign imports, valuable. Massage to lose weight

Acupuncture weight loss

Acupuncture weight loss

It is understood that a course of acupuncture to lose weight is about 10 times, fees were five or six hundred dollars, the high will have some one thousand. In general, doctors will recommend that to do two courses in order to consolidate the effect.

In layman's terms is the human body to support greater than the income you want to lose weight, and consume its own stored fat to lose weight, acupuncture to eat during the broth Guawei meat can not touch, watermelon and other high-sugar fruit fasting usually no meat would not be happy obese, the first three days of the toughest, during half a month of acupuncture in the future whatever the outcome, but also chat solution with fish and chicken feet dirty addiction. However, relying on a diet is not enough odds, have supplemented the movement.

Acupuncture lose weight can be described as immediate, and then will rebound? The doctors say that if we adhere to exercise and good eating habits, it will not rebound. But in fact, acupuncture weight loss during the a broth Guawei diet is difficult to consistent, endure hunger-resistant greedy total duration, once control his appetites, it is easy on the "true colors". Therefore, the Zhijiang Road that acupuncture weight loss by a month there will be a middle-aged women, she was general manager of a business, usually on business inevitably banquet entertainment, in order to control the body weight freak, she became the acupuncture catgut embedding weight loss of the regulars.

Acupuncture weight loss

weight loss industry

The moment is definitely the "thin is beautiful" era, weight loss already is the universal life-long career, and thus, the weight loss industry has never been like today so the "sunrise".

Reporter newspaper near large shopping malls dot, 1 km radius draw a circle, carefully recruited, even a few dozen shops and weight loss, what so and so thin, so and so slimming ... bare operator under these shops one year's rent, is a staggering number of these shops, year after year from continuing operations with visible gold absorption capacity of this line.

W's is the one listed on the NYSE to focus on "weight loss" cause of enterprises, enterprises from this body, we can also see opportunities in the weight loss industry. W's global business for nearly 50 years of history, "weight" since the end of 2001 listed on the NYSE, in addition to 2009 by the global financial crisis, decline in performance, the performance of the remaining period outperformed the S & P 500 index, the company's overall market capitalization of about $ 3 billion. In 2011, the company's total revenue reached $ 1.8 billion, including revenue from interactive courses up to $ 990 million.

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Sleep to lose weight

Stephen the logic Senbaoboshi behavior therapist, he said, he used hypnosis to help thousands of people lose weight.

"When you go to bed, are actually in contact with the subconscious, logical Rothenberg explained. Once this idea into the person's subconscious, people will have more stamina, better able to stick to a diet, he said.

"This allows you to think you really do not want to eat those cookies; you really do not want to become more and more fat. Nixiang lose weight to become slim," Donohue description. She believes that hypnosis tapes make dieting easier, minus sixty-five pounds in the past seven months.

"I have to say, this is my subconscious that I paid so much attention to the labels on the canned and I've never special emphasis One set what to do." Donohue admit.

Studies have shown that hypnosis general it is safe for those people who have already committed to dieting, it is helpful. Does not mean that for each person will work, this bottom line is that the results good or bad miserable half.

Healthy weight loss body sculpting network resulting into:Sleep to lose weight

A very simple way to lose weight

Four years ago, I rely on a very simple way to lose weight, did not participate in the hard, California gym, do not have to risk their lives to take diet pills, senna do not have to spend money to go get the oil discharge, waves, acupuncture, will be their weight from 85 kg to 68 kg, the normal change from over-weight, a total reduction of 17 kg. Chat with colleagues, they suggested that I share this. Or anyway, today the original topic bounced, came to share this interesting course.

My diary shows that in April 2003, the U.S. had just invaded Baghdad, I still work for Oracle in the United States, and the start and my brother and graduate students the cooperation Comot website. Other times, I silently give his body a big change, I began to lose weight to various factors such as appearance, health, vanity, want from a fat man to become a normal person, and have tried many times before, but have failed. On that occasion, I actually succeeded.

April 21, 2003: "weight loss began, in the past to lose weight often give up halfway, today I want to come up with the original first day of the diary these words, can be successful."

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The most commonly used weight loss techniques

Drinking water detoxification diet
European and American diet detoxification diet
Pollen weight loss weight-loss method
Blowing weight-loss fitness method
"Inverted" fitness weight-loss method
"Inverted" lose weight law
Fitness weight-loss method of the ladder
Vinegar bath detox diet
Lose weight law of the salt treatment
Mud weight loss weight-loss method
Bandage to lose weight weight-loss method
Paraffin to lose weight weight-loss method
Abdominal massage weight-loss method
Hypnosis weight-loss fitness method
Meridian weight loss weight-loss method
Massage the ear weight-loss method
Auricular acupuncture to lose weight weight-loss method
Yoga to lose weight fitness function

Fruits and vegetables detox diet

The scientific basis of fruits and vegetables detoxification diet therapy
Note of fruits and vegetables detoxification diet therapy
Wonderful detoxification diet of fresh fruit and vegetable juices
Miraculous detox diet raw food dishes
Magic detox diet of fruits and vegetables, cold soup

Fruits and vegetables detox diet

weight loss secret

weight loss secret

The biggest feature is the easy, effective, science, health and weight loss mode, anyone can accept, can be expected, weight loss methods.

weight loss secret 

weight loss method

Determined to tell the world loud
Please tell friends and family in the weight loss, express their determination, and others to play an oversight function to help you with for your weight
Off, in general, their own private secret weight loss effect is not very good.
First understand his obese physique
Please read theoretical articles (93) obesity pathological constitution ", according to the obesity situation, to understand himself as belonging to a kind of constitution;
And then according to their weight loss is recommended to find the weight loss prescription.
Bear in mind and to comply with the weight loss to win the Heart
Lose weight like a practice, no matter what martial art martial arts, a set of dictated the unique heart of the heart mass
Law, to guide all the moves function; With Heart, martial arts can be trained to exquisite, superb. Weight loss is the same, face
There are numerous kinds of weight loss tricks, you need a complete and unique Heart runs through, and as the behavior and thinking of the highest means
Guiding principles.
Diet can do
Please turn to the actual articles (138), Cipian introduced the calorie-restricted diet, "exercise", "local body sculpting less
The fat France, 26 kinds of single-flavor, reduced fat Chinese medicine "," eight kinds of compound prescription, six kinds of Cellulite tea, acupuncture weight loss, "points
Bit catgut embedding lose weight "effective and safe way to lose weight, you can choose any one or with two kinds, or even three ways to
Good habit to learn to "picky eaters"
An appendix provides the quantity of food on behalf of the line "referred to in (241), this information by the Department of Health, the Food Health
For people diet food "edible quantity" and "calories" listed in the table it is clear, in accordance with this substitution table
, You can easily arrange for their own daily diet plan.

Diet can do

Diet can do
Please turn to the actual articles (138), Cipian introduced the calorie-restricted diet, "exercise", "local body sculpting less
The fat France, 26 kinds of single-flavor, reduced fat Chinese medicine "," eight kinds of compound prescription, six kinds of Cellulite tea, acupuncture weight loss, "points
Bit catgut embedding lose weight "effective and safe way to lose weight, you can choose any one or with two kinds, or even three ways to Implementation.

The principle of exercise lose weight

 exercise  lose weight

The muscles need energy from the sugar and fat of two parts: the body

Body sugar: When the people for a short period of strenuous exercise, a large number of sugar in the body decompose to produce energy for muscle use.
Body fat: When the long movement, heat body sugar is far from being able to meet their needs, so the body fat after oxidation decomposition, production of heat intended for human use.

Anaerobic exercise
People for a short period of strenuous exercise, the body is temporarily hypoxic state, a large number of sugar in the body break down to produce energy for muscle use. Thus anaerobic exercise does not burn fat.

Aerobic exercise
Long endurance exercise, the heat of the body sugar is far from being able to meet the needs by increasing the oxygen supply of body fat after oxidation and decomposition, to produce thermal energy for human use.

◎ to exercise lose weight best long endurance sports such as jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics, dancing, Curves aerobic exercise and so on.


The definition of physical activity
Exercise of the size and the body's total oxygen consumption is proportional to the total oxygen consumption and heart rate is proportional to Therefore, heart rate is to reflect the physiological indicators of exercise intensity

 exercise  lose weight

Caloric restriction to lose weight

Varies from person to person, each person's body is different, leading to obesity factors, calorie restriction, not everyone will be slim, my own long-term diet diet, do not eat sweets, light diet light daily starch not more than one bowl of rice, but still obese, but also because of obesity problems to look for weight loss Chinese Tian Yimin, the doctor said: eating less does not necessarily mean thin, long-term eating less body metabolism will be followed to reduce, because the metabolic function of the endocrine disorders will lead to obesity.
Standing health point of view the appropriate counting calories is necessary, but whether it will thin, the answer is not necessarily sure ~ ~~
As for which way to lose weight the most effective, I think more or less effective weight loss products, but we have no patience with good eating habits, I had to do years ago, Chinese medicine catgut embedding a good effect to reach the ideal weight , but the physician also reminded me that, after eating with to do to make weight loss results continued!
Related words:
Milk to lose weight, diet taboos, diet, sleep, lose weight, diet, physiology of weight loss, weight loss methods, starch to lose weight, winter weight loss, green tea weight loss
Lose weight, calories, Tian Yimin, good eating habits, implementation, restrictions vary from person to person, ideal weight, obesity, TCM catgut embedding

Effective and safe way to lose weight

Effective and safe way to lose weight

◎ calorie-restricted diet
◎ exercise to lose weight
The ◎ local weight loss weight-loss method
◎ single taste of reduced fat Chinese medicine method
◎ weight loss compound prescription
The ◎ Cellulite Slimming Tea
◎ acupuncture weight loss
◎ acupoint catgut embedding diet
way to lose weight

4 weight-loss method

◆ to overcome the four weight-loss is not the reason
◆ analysis of 10 kinds of printing diet trap
◆ to teach 14 strokes to lose weight and win the Heart
◆ share the eight kinds of safe and effective weight loss

Health no longer open to the public of fat TCM weight loss method
To identify and solve the poor performance of reasons

◎ 5 weight loss is difficult to cut the nail house weight-loss secret
◎ Do not hurry! To overcome the four weight-loss is not the reason
◎ weight loss, the physician will help you to do the physical analysis
◎ weight loss early required daily diet record sheet

Cupping weight loss

Detoxification heat lipid-lowering Cellulite
Chinese medicine, cupping, diet Miracle Fat Reducer
Cupping is important to note several issues
Scraping the fourth quarter to lose weight, quick local diet
Chinese scraping, sparse by quick weight loss
Science scraping, healthy weight need to be cautious
Section V of experts to answer the problems encountered in the ︰ TCM weight loss method
Drugs to lose weight, select the correct premise
Learning to respond to abnormal reaction, cupping lose weight successfully
Understand the fever of origin, eliminating scraping weight loss worries

14 days effects weight loss diet

14 days effects weight loss diet

14 days of diet, weight loss diet focuses adhere to by law
"Tailored" to shape customized personal Meal
Diet to lose weight, must be noted that several issues
Section IV eating habits, to consolidate the weight loss results of the fundamental
8 excellent habits, so to lose weight step by step
5 bad habits, so that you fall into the diet to lose weight Myth

the magic of fruits and vegetables diet

Popular in South Korea, Japan, the magic of fruits and vegetables diet

Vegetables + fruits, food, but it has a powerful weight loss magic!

There is nothing wrong! This book is for the fat body to worry about, did not have time to exercise more you tailored

The book start from the theory and practice, moving situation enlighten them with reason to teach the give you one of the most simple and practical way to lose weight. Correct understanding of obesity, to help you uncover the mystery of fruits and vegetables early dinner to lose weight, obesity and sub-health get rid of all!

50 cases of super-effective fruits and vegetables diet.

Thoughtful design one week of fruits and vegetables diet diary! Large collection of the most effective weight loss of fruits and vegetables!

Language is easy and fun illustrations take you to the start of a magic weight loss journey!

error weight loss method

The serious consequences of error weight loss method,

the five kinds of terrorist lose weight "is open to the public!

You still use the following methods to lose weight too? Do not take their own health to do the experiment!

X! "Eat a certain food," a single product weight loss method
→ lead to malnutrition, both mentally and physically to a variety of symptoms.

X! Do not eat bread or other starchy food weight loss method
→ allow the brain to lose its vitality, decreased concentration of serotonin secretion decreased, leading to feelings of depression.

X! Short-term victory 10 days lost 3 kg weight loss method
→ the body into a starvation state, increased appetite, and the last brain issued the instruction "try to eat", they will definitely fat.

X! Taking laxatives or diuretics weight loss method
→ taking laxatives only in the drainage, leading to dehydration, become easy to edema of the constitution. Continued use, the fear will lead to hypokalemia and serious illness.

X! Vomiting weight loss method
→ lead to cardiac arrhythmias, will harm the digestive organs, circulatory organs, respiratory organs, causing serious illness

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The magic of ginger tea to lose weight

Quickly by adding ginger tea weight-loss plan it! Weight loss secret is that the constitution, to develop easy to lean body weight loss is very simple! Chinese medicine, ginger, black tea and warm, can increase the metabolism, the rapid consumption of body heat, to achieve weight loss results. In addition, ginger also helps bowel movements, can improve the status of cold hands and feet; while black tea is fermented tea contained caffeine to get rid of the body of excess water. The book advocated ginger tea magic is to make ginger and black tea both the efficacy of multiplication, effectively help you to develop easy to lean body quickly get rid of the trouble fleshy, but also very simple!The magic of ginger tea to lose weight

Weight loss key

I have repeatedly stressed that the weight loss there is no other secret key to success in the soft determination to run, hard! "In order to achieve the desired weight, I am back and forth spent almost nine months, and lost twenty-five kilograms. Careful projections equal to a month to thin less than three kilograms.
Weight loss key: determination, hard implementation

lose weight will be fatter

 lose weight will be fatter?

I did not think, even your own fat is very comfortable and very open-minded, the problem of obesity is still greatly affected the professional image of me as a physician, Therefore, I finally learn his lesson, determined to take to lose weight ".
Would make me determined to want to lose weight because, in fact, come to my weight loss patients to more and more, I started to have the invisible pressure, as if he should lean a little, only convincing.

I remember once to help female patients of a successful weight loss of eight kilograms, after she took her husband came to me to help him lose weight, but her husband went to the clinic see a bloated, he half-jokingly says: "Your wife that physicians are fat, looking for her to lose weight will Yuejianyuefei it! "

 lose weight

Successful weight loss Easy to do every day

The world's most effective back stretching diet eat low-calorie foods will be thin?

Fat fat disappear, is the "weight" the true meaning of "sweat exercise, diet and certain thin?

 Weight loss myth of "hard diet, restraint and eat less" lean, but very healthy increase "basal metabolism", do not worry about the fat growing number of fat, are the autonomic nervous system imbalance angered disaster calorie intake. naturally into the "fat" vicious cycle of excessive dieting, your body will start to power saving mode "is equal to" getting fat "!

Successful weight loss?

How to lose weight lose weight eat

How to lose weight lose weight eat
what meal replacement food
Living in this society, we are always very passive, passive work, passive learning ... However, our bodies could not even have to passively to accept its aliasing? NO! Today, Xiao Bian, want to introduce catering food diet, so we of passive to active, open the stomach, the arbitrary Xiangshou different kinds of meal replacement diet food, not only will not produce the fat, but also gently and quickly lose weight.

Longing for the beautiful female friends should be asked: "there which method not only can solve the food and clothing but also to lose weight?" Of course, Oh, meal replacement diet. Meal replacement diet, specifically, is to maintain a normal and necessary nutrients at the same time, low-calorie food instead of your usual intake of high calorie foods, but it is also with the consumption of zero-calorie food, hunger strikes there are big difference. For example: your dinner to eat rice salad barbecue, then barbecue replaced with tofu, that is replaced by rice, salad, tofu, so the child can not only satisfy your appetite, but also to maintain nutrition with reduced calorie. And price increases, reducing the purchase of meat, but also province save you a little treasuries.

MM who had a meal replacement weight loss experience is like this:

A: calories to lose weight when 11 calculate a variety of food is really very troublesome. However, if the meal replacement diet, calories of each meal can be clearly calculated.

B: simply to reduce the calories, although there are a lot of ingredients you have a choice, but what makes me happy is that it not only to maintain the nutritional balance of my body I can do to "slim down.

C says: I had very nasty campaign, tried many diet methods, but all ended in failure. This time, I use a meal replacement diet, do not change their eating habits, as long as the variable pattern of change in a day of twelve dishes, you can let me easily slim down with pleasure.

the weight loss of less water

the weight loss of less water
Water to drink too little will affect the metabolism of the body. Dr. Lin Shun Valley, Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said many people have a misconception that the weight loss of less water; In fact, water is an indispensable element of bodily functions, can metabolize fats and carbohydrates. Lack of water, many functions will decline.Physical lack of water will not only thirsty, but will be listless, lack of activity will decrease the body's metabolic function, the metabolism of fat and sugar is worse, it makes weight loss more difficult. Reduce the body's energy, there is easily fatigued, lack of power, listless, heavy limbs, more severe cases are also prone to the feeling of cold, and cardio-pulmonary function was reduced, and the symptoms of breathlessness and palpitations. Often do not want to exercise, naturally vulnerable to the accumulation of fat and obesity phenomenon. At the same time, because the function to reduce the body's normal metabolism of the water worse, prone to the phenomenon of limb edema. The doctor suggested that these patients should eat cold or cold greasy food, eat some spicy seasonings, benefits such as ginger, pepper, pepper, and promote the body's metabolic rate.the weight loss of less water

2 weight loss new drug FDA approved for sale

2 weight loss new drug FDA approved for sale

The promise US-ting off the shelf diet pills, fat brother, fat girls did not dare eagerly look forward to a new generation of diet pills Q City after nearly 13 years later, the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the near future after another approved weight loss new drug, respectively, Vivus Pharmaceuticals for U.S. R & D the Qsymia and Arena Pharmaceuticals R & D Belviq 2 models of new drugs and shelves promise, Mei Ting, weight loss machines turn similar, both to obesity by inhibiting appetite.

DOH Taitung hospital director, family medicine specialist Dr. Chu Feng said that the weight loss drug R & D has two directions, one through the central nervous system to suppress appetite, is to represent the promise Mei Ting; another by reducing the fat absorption to the Roche fresh as a representative.

Taiwan Association for the Study of Obesity, chairman, Renhuang Guo Jin, the Department of Family Medicine at National Taiwan University, said the Belviq (scientific name lorcaserin) oral tablets diet pills, U.S. FDA approved for sale by the end of June, lorcaserin is a serotonin hormone receptor accelerator through appetite suppressants increase satiety, and to achieve weight loss.

Huang Jin said the two-year clinical trials of lorcaserin compared to the placebo control group, 35 percent of patients taking lorcaserin groups of more than 5% weight loss, equivalent to 2-4 kg. However lorcaserin effect of weight loss is not so strong, but also with the adjustment of the daily diet in order to successfully lose weight.

Compared to Belviq, 7 mid-approved Qsymia physician regarded as the most effective one in the new generation of diet drugs. Kuo-Chin Huang, related study found that patients taking Qsymia year, the weight may lose 8-9%, if the original 100 kg body weight, weight loss, equal to one year will be able to subtract nearly 10 kg.

U.S. FDA approval of the application object as a body mass index (BMI) above 30 obese or overweight, and complications caused by diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, obesity.

2 weight loss new drug are not yet introduced into Taiwan, do not rule out the possibility that there are people to buy through private channels. Kuo-Chin Huang, reminders, diet pills can cause rapid heartbeat, heart patients, stroke patients are not recommended.

Another foreign study found that pregnant women taking taking Qymia will increase the risk of fetal cleft lip and palate, pregnant women planning to become pregnant women and even women of childbearing age should not be used, he stressed that the weight loss by taking the weight loss related drugs, it is best to consult physician professional advice.

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Skipping way to lose weight the most economical

Healthy way to lose weight, weight loss exercise, jumping rope to lose weight

In general, because the winter weather is cooler, the body feel more comfortable, so tend to eat more delicious, if we ignore the movement, then the fat will soon accumulation.

In various types of exercise to lose weight, skipping the much-loved. Skipping 30-40 can consume 300 kilocalories, calories, and a bowl of white rice is about 250 kcal. By one kilogram of fat, need to burn about 7700 kilocalories. According to statistics, by skipping ways to lose weight in general can thin out 5-10 pounds in two weeks, or even more

Weight loss does not have to spend money, of course, you need to know the way to lose weight weight loss center or beauty salon must not be misled into believing the publicity. Exercise to lose weight is the most direct way to lose weight, is also the most effective. Of course, you can go to the fitness center to find a health coach designed a series of exercise to lose weight for you, but often the most simple movements such as running skipping, has surprising weight loss.

Skipping only need a flat ground and a rope, you can be in response to their own physical and different times of jump rope, you do not need high-speed rope skipping, because weight loss is not the speed of light you skipping an increase in .

The jump rope is the most effective weight loss exercise weight loss exercise, the same exercise time, jumping rope can burn more calories to lose weight so there is no difficulty.

Jumping rope to lose weight to Note

Skipping should wear a soft texture, light weight, high shoes, to avoid the ankle injury.

Rope hard and soft, medium thickness. Beginners usually hard wire is preferred, proficiency can be changed to a soft rope.

Select a moderate hardness lawn, wooden floors and soil to the site was not skipping the hard cement floor, so as not to damage the joint, and could easily cause dizziness.

Skipping to use forefoot off and landing, remember not to use the whole foot or heel landing, to avoid the brain being shaken.

(5) fat and middle-aged women should adopt the feet while landing. The same time, the jump should not be too high, so as to avoid joint injuries too load.

6. Before skipping to let the foot, leg, wrist, ankle, make some preparations you can make some relaxing activities after skipping.


Tags: healthy diet, weight loss exercise, jumping rope to lose weight

Common way to lose weight

Common way to lose weight

Way to lose weight is too much too much, in the end what the most useful way to lose weight? Which method is the most expensive and time has no effect? Do not worry, we are collecting the 10 most commonly used diet, by the end of weight loss victory!

1, the most rapid weight loss: Beverly weight-loss techniques

2 weeks, Beverly weight-loss techniques can reduce the weight of about 4kg.

The first week enjoy eating low-fat milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products and vegetables, and fruits.

The second week of rice, noodles, cakes, cold noodles, the public noodles, buckwheat jelly and other carbohydrates and rot, and bean curd soup, miso soup and other plant protein. Weight-loss period must not eat meat, fish, butter and other oily food and animal protein.

Can be used in food: cheese, green tea, black tea, black coffee, vegetables, fruits, rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, low fat milk, yoghurt, low fat. Can not be used in food: beef, pork, chicken, hamburgers, sausage, bacon, butter cream cake, cakes, fish, shrimp, squid.

2, the most nutritious diet: consumption of high-quality protein, healthy weight-loss methods

Tofu are high quality protein foods, and only 91 kcal per 100 g calories and much people love. Tofu is rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium and other components of alkaline food.

And other weight-loss method, using tofu instead of three meals a day. The period of a week or so is appropriate. Tofu can be dipped in a sauce boil water consumption, or make a salad with seaweed or vegetables mixed edible.

Can also be dipped in lemon juice or vinegar, spices and soy sauce produced consumption. Tonne edible 1/2-1 block of tofu better.

3, the most malnourished diet: popcorn weight-loss method

Eating popcorn, corn, dry bread, and drink plenty of water, if not eating, not hungry at all!

Breakfast to eat as much as possible. Lunch eating popcorn. When to eat popcorn and drink enough water. In this way, perhaps the belly of popcorn bubble, as they eat to feel very full. Dinner is as simple as possible food can be.

The dinner dishes are made into light meat, fish, seaweed is better. The focus this time is the middle do not eat snacks. To develop early, and dinner time, according to a certain time dining.

So for a month or so, the weight will lose about 3 kg.

Eat popcorn, do not eat, take full advantage of popcorn and water to thin. Every time when you feel hungry, eat popcorn and water. It is noteworthy that the rampant consumption, but increased appetite, possible to eat too much other food. And there may be a result of nutritional imbalance, the body to the abnormal situation, so better than this method for a long time, and time to 1 week. The weight-loss period at any time, but from the period after the end each week, to adhere to three months, you get the effect of weight loss of 4 kg.

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Qigong healthy weight-loss therapy

Qigong health and weight-loss therapy, an alternative way to lose weight, lose weight, ways to lose weight, lose weight,

Morbid obesity patients because of weight problems and disease problems is not easy to be radical, too much movement. From this perspective, qigong is the best sports. Not only that the Qigong visceral activity, and promote human metabolism, and expel the body of evil, inhaled in the new gas, renewal, and nourishing repose so as to achieve rehabilitation longevity. The idea of ​​qigong, breathing, aligning the tune of God to the human body to overcome and defeat the energy of the disease in the 21st century there will be further development.

I brought the gospel to non-morbid obesity and morbid obesity in patients with healthy weight-loss beauty qigong research in Japan. With Chinese medicine, auricular therapy and healthy weight-loss beauty qigong comprehensive treatment. Also become a unique traditional Chinese slimming therapy.

Qigong weight loss weight-loss therapy one of its characteristics are: weight loss at the same time to restore health, reliving our youth. Qigong do not lose weight in old age due to muscle relaxation and lack of skin elasticity, cited cause premature aging of the skin surface wrinkling phenomenon will make obese people lose weight while the image of unhealthy weight-loss phenomenon. Qigong can successfully troubleshoot problems. Qigong from the physical to the human body to restore muscle stretch, do not only lose weight, but also to create a beautiful shape, the body to revisit the vigor of youth. The great joy of many women and middle-aged obese. To solve a big storm to lose weight. This is the "snow-style" health and beauty, weight loss Qigong is a major breakthrough and an integrated approach to the treatment of obesity is a major breakthrough.

Qigong weight loss weight-loss therapy another characteristic: the non-morbid obesity and morbid obesity in patients with non-normal obesity acidic convert excess fat cells of normal, healthy and close to the alkaline thin physique . Due to physical improvement, essentially completely change the constitution of obesity people, obesity patients will not return to the pain of obesity. And snow style "beauty Qigong can make skin photogenic powder, hair growth rate of acceleration, the acceleration of nail growth and beauty effect.

"Snow" healthy weight-loss beauty qigong, exercise time, about 20 minutes to lose weight 200-300g. Depending on the number of exercise. Up to day to lose weight to nearly 1kg. Exercise Qigong weight loss in patients with hypertension in patients with obesity to lose weight, while blood pressure decreased, women, irregular menstruation, there are good results.

Qigong healthy weight-loss therapy

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Ear weight loss therapy

 ear, ear weight loss therapy, an alternative way to lose weight, lose weight, ways to lose weight, lose weight, I was in Japan using auricular therapy for weight-loss therapy, and achieved good results and experiences in the past seven years.And the "snow" type thin Auricular Therapy and Auricular arrangement method using a patent in Japan login and recognized on the basis of long-term practice. And the General Assembly of the United States at the World microneedle published papers, and achieved the Outstanding Paper Award. Held in Canada in the second return of the international natural therapies academic research Conference papers and on-site guidance.The first ear weight-loss therapy can make obesity and weight reduction of 500-800g. The success rate of nearly 100%, no diarrhea, poor feeding phenomenon, completely is very easy to lose weight in a natural state. One weeks average minus 1-2kg.Auricular therapy is not simply to lose weight, but more importantly, weight-loss treatment when it is in the treatment of obesity patients but also to lose weight first is to cure, lose weight two-pronged approach, killing two birds with one stone.Really achieve in restoring health at the same time lose weight.Practice has proved that obesity patients only start to restore health to start with in order genuinely to slimming. From morbid obesity in patients with disease and obesity, require only a single weight loss, so body weight is difficult to decline. Auricular therapy has played a very important role in obesity patients healthy weight, durable and has accelerated the rate of weight loss.Used the ear: thirst, hunger point, stomach point, large intestine points, small intestine point, the spleen point, the point of endocrine, kidney point, the point of the liver, heart points, lung points, strong points. With an additional increase in ear acupuncture parts according to the symptoms of obesity patients.

Ear weight loss therapyTags: ear, ear weight loss therapy, an alternative way to lose weight, lose weight, ways to lose weight, lose weight,