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2012年7月30日 星期一

Ear weight loss therapy

 ear, ear weight loss therapy, an alternative way to lose weight, lose weight, ways to lose weight, lose weight, I was in Japan using auricular therapy for weight-loss therapy, and achieved good results and experiences in the past seven years.And the "snow" type thin Auricular Therapy and Auricular arrangement method using a patent in Japan login and recognized on the basis of long-term practice. And the General Assembly of the United States at the World microneedle published papers, and achieved the Outstanding Paper Award. Held in Canada in the second return of the international natural therapies academic research Conference papers and on-site guidance.The first ear weight-loss therapy can make obesity and weight reduction of 500-800g. The success rate of nearly 100%, no diarrhea, poor feeding phenomenon, completely is very easy to lose weight in a natural state. One weeks average minus 1-2kg.Auricular therapy is not simply to lose weight, but more importantly, weight-loss treatment when it is in the treatment of obesity patients but also to lose weight first is to cure, lose weight two-pronged approach, killing two birds with one stone.Really achieve in restoring health at the same time lose weight.Practice has proved that obesity patients only start to restore health to start with in order genuinely to slimming. From morbid obesity in patients with disease and obesity, require only a single weight loss, so body weight is difficult to decline. Auricular therapy has played a very important role in obesity patients healthy weight, durable and has accelerated the rate of weight loss.Used the ear: thirst, hunger point, stomach point, large intestine points, small intestine point, the spleen point, the point of endocrine, kidney point, the point of the liver, heart points, lung points, strong points. With an additional increase in ear acupuncture parts according to the symptoms of obesity patients.

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