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2012年7月30日 星期一

Qigong healthy weight-loss therapy

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Morbid obesity patients because of weight problems and disease problems is not easy to be radical, too much movement. From this perspective, qigong is the best sports. Not only that the Qigong visceral activity, and promote human metabolism, and expel the body of evil, inhaled in the new gas, renewal, and nourishing repose so as to achieve rehabilitation longevity. The idea of ​​qigong, breathing, aligning the tune of God to the human body to overcome and defeat the energy of the disease in the 21st century there will be further development.

I brought the gospel to non-morbid obesity and morbid obesity in patients with healthy weight-loss beauty qigong research in Japan. With Chinese medicine, auricular therapy and healthy weight-loss beauty qigong comprehensive treatment. Also become a unique traditional Chinese slimming therapy.

Qigong weight loss weight-loss therapy one of its characteristics are: weight loss at the same time to restore health, reliving our youth. Qigong do not lose weight in old age due to muscle relaxation and lack of skin elasticity, cited cause premature aging of the skin surface wrinkling phenomenon will make obese people lose weight while the image of unhealthy weight-loss phenomenon. Qigong can successfully troubleshoot problems. Qigong from the physical to the human body to restore muscle stretch, do not only lose weight, but also to create a beautiful shape, the body to revisit the vigor of youth. The great joy of many women and middle-aged obese. To solve a big storm to lose weight. This is the "snow-style" health and beauty, weight loss Qigong is a major breakthrough and an integrated approach to the treatment of obesity is a major breakthrough.

Qigong weight loss weight-loss therapy another characteristic: the non-morbid obesity and morbid obesity in patients with non-normal obesity acidic convert excess fat cells of normal, healthy and close to the alkaline thin physique . Due to physical improvement, essentially completely change the constitution of obesity people, obesity patients will not return to the pain of obesity. And snow style "beauty Qigong can make skin photogenic powder, hair growth rate of acceleration, the acceleration of nail growth and beauty effect.

"Snow" healthy weight-loss beauty qigong, exercise time, about 20 minutes to lose weight 200-300g. Depending on the number of exercise. Up to day to lose weight to nearly 1kg. Exercise Qigong weight loss in patients with hypertension in patients with obesity to lose weight, while blood pressure decreased, women, irregular menstruation, there are good results.

Qigong healthy weight-loss therapy

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