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2012年8月2日 星期四

error weight loss method

The serious consequences of error weight loss method,

the five kinds of terrorist lose weight "is open to the public!

You still use the following methods to lose weight too? Do not take their own health to do the experiment!

X! "Eat a certain food," a single product weight loss method
→ lead to malnutrition, both mentally and physically to a variety of symptoms.

X! Do not eat bread or other starchy food weight loss method
→ allow the brain to lose its vitality, decreased concentration of serotonin secretion decreased, leading to feelings of depression.

X! Short-term victory 10 days lost 3 kg weight loss method
→ the body into a starvation state, increased appetite, and the last brain issued the instruction "try to eat", they will definitely fat.

X! Taking laxatives or diuretics weight loss method
→ taking laxatives only in the drainage, leading to dehydration, become easy to edema of the constitution. Continued use, the fear will lead to hypokalemia and serious illness.

X! Vomiting weight loss method
→ lead to cardiac arrhythmias, will harm the digestive organs, circulatory organs, respiratory organs, causing serious illness

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