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2012年7月31日 星期二

the weight loss of less water

the weight loss of less water
Water to drink too little will affect the metabolism of the body. Dr. Lin Shun Valley, Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said many people have a misconception that the weight loss of less water; In fact, water is an indispensable element of bodily functions, can metabolize fats and carbohydrates. Lack of water, many functions will decline.Physical lack of water will not only thirsty, but will be listless, lack of activity will decrease the body's metabolic function, the metabolism of fat and sugar is worse, it makes weight loss more difficult. Reduce the body's energy, there is easily fatigued, lack of power, listless, heavy limbs, more severe cases are also prone to the feeling of cold, and cardio-pulmonary function was reduced, and the symptoms of breathlessness and palpitations. Often do not want to exercise, naturally vulnerable to the accumulation of fat and obesity phenomenon. At the same time, because the function to reduce the body's normal metabolism of the water worse, prone to the phenomenon of limb edema. The doctor suggested that these patients should eat cold or cold greasy food, eat some spicy seasonings, benefits such as ginger, pepper, pepper, and promote the body's metabolic rate.the weight loss of less water

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