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2012年7月31日 星期二

2 weight loss new drug FDA approved for sale

2 weight loss new drug FDA approved for sale

The promise US-ting off the shelf diet pills, fat brother, fat girls did not dare eagerly look forward to a new generation of diet pills Q City after nearly 13 years later, the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the near future after another approved weight loss new drug, respectively, Vivus Pharmaceuticals for U.S. R & D the Qsymia and Arena Pharmaceuticals R & D Belviq 2 models of new drugs and shelves promise, Mei Ting, weight loss machines turn similar, both to obesity by inhibiting appetite.

DOH Taitung hospital director, family medicine specialist Dr. Chu Feng said that the weight loss drug R & D has two directions, one through the central nervous system to suppress appetite, is to represent the promise Mei Ting; another by reducing the fat absorption to the Roche fresh as a representative.

Taiwan Association for the Study of Obesity, chairman, Renhuang Guo Jin, the Department of Family Medicine at National Taiwan University, said the Belviq (scientific name lorcaserin) oral tablets diet pills, U.S. FDA approved for sale by the end of June, lorcaserin is a serotonin hormone receptor accelerator through appetite suppressants increase satiety, and to achieve weight loss.

Huang Jin said the two-year clinical trials of lorcaserin compared to the placebo control group, 35 percent of patients taking lorcaserin groups of more than 5% weight loss, equivalent to 2-4 kg. However lorcaserin effect of weight loss is not so strong, but also with the adjustment of the daily diet in order to successfully lose weight.

Compared to Belviq, 7 mid-approved Qsymia physician regarded as the most effective one in the new generation of diet drugs. Kuo-Chin Huang, related study found that patients taking Qsymia year, the weight may lose 8-9%, if the original 100 kg body weight, weight loss, equal to one year will be able to subtract nearly 10 kg.

U.S. FDA approval of the application object as a body mass index (BMI) above 30 obese or overweight, and complications caused by diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, obesity.

2 weight loss new drug are not yet introduced into Taiwan, do not rule out the possibility that there are people to buy through private channels. Kuo-Chin Huang, reminders, diet pills can cause rapid heartbeat, heart patients, stroke patients are not recommended.

Another foreign study found that pregnant women taking taking Qymia will increase the risk of fetal cleft lip and palate, pregnant women planning to become pregnant women and even women of childbearing age should not be used, he stressed that the weight loss by taking the weight loss related drugs, it is best to consult physician professional advice.

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