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2012年7月31日 星期二

lose weight will be fatter

 lose weight will be fatter?

I did not think, even your own fat is very comfortable and very open-minded, the problem of obesity is still greatly affected the professional image of me as a physician, Therefore, I finally learn his lesson, determined to take to lose weight ".
Would make me determined to want to lose weight because, in fact, come to my weight loss patients to more and more, I started to have the invisible pressure, as if he should lean a little, only convincing.

I remember once to help female patients of a successful weight loss of eight kilograms, after she took her husband came to me to help him lose weight, but her husband went to the clinic see a bloated, he half-jokingly says: "Your wife that physicians are fat, looking for her to lose weight will Yuejianyuefei it! "

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