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2012年8月3日 星期五

Sleep to lose weight

Stephen the logic Senbaoboshi behavior therapist, he said, he used hypnosis to help thousands of people lose weight.

"When you go to bed, are actually in contact with the subconscious, logical Rothenberg explained. Once this idea into the person's subconscious, people will have more stamina, better able to stick to a diet, he said.

"This allows you to think you really do not want to eat those cookies; you really do not want to become more and more fat. Nixiang lose weight to become slim," Donohue description. She believes that hypnosis tapes make dieting easier, minus sixty-five pounds in the past seven months.

"I have to say, this is my subconscious that I paid so much attention to the labels on the canned and I've never special emphasis One set what to do." Donohue admit.

Studies have shown that hypnosis general it is safe for those people who have already committed to dieting, it is helpful. Does not mean that for each person will work, this bottom line is that the results good or bad miserable half.

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