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2012年8月2日 星期四

Caloric restriction to lose weight

Varies from person to person, each person's body is different, leading to obesity factors, calorie restriction, not everyone will be slim, my own long-term diet diet, do not eat sweets, light diet light daily starch not more than one bowl of rice, but still obese, but also because of obesity problems to look for weight loss Chinese Tian Yimin, the doctor said: eating less does not necessarily mean thin, long-term eating less body metabolism will be followed to reduce, because the metabolic function of the endocrine disorders will lead to obesity.
Standing health point of view the appropriate counting calories is necessary, but whether it will thin, the answer is not necessarily sure ~ ~~
As for which way to lose weight the most effective, I think more or less effective weight loss products, but we have no patience with good eating habits, I had to do years ago, Chinese medicine catgut embedding a good effect to reach the ideal weight , but the physician also reminded me that, after eating with to do to make weight loss results continued!
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