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2012年8月2日 星期四

weight loss method

Determined to tell the world loud
Please tell friends and family in the weight loss, express their determination, and others to play an oversight function to help you with for your weight
Off, in general, their own private secret weight loss effect is not very good.
First understand his obese physique
Please read theoretical articles (93) obesity pathological constitution ", according to the obesity situation, to understand himself as belonging to a kind of constitution;
And then according to their weight loss is recommended to find the weight loss prescription.
Bear in mind and to comply with the weight loss to win the Heart
Lose weight like a practice, no matter what martial art martial arts, a set of dictated the unique heart of the heart mass
Law, to guide all the moves function; With Heart, martial arts can be trained to exquisite, superb. Weight loss is the same, face
There are numerous kinds of weight loss tricks, you need a complete and unique Heart runs through, and as the behavior and thinking of the highest means
Guiding principles.
Diet can do
Please turn to the actual articles (138), Cipian introduced the calorie-restricted diet, "exercise", "local body sculpting less
The fat France, 26 kinds of single-flavor, reduced fat Chinese medicine "," eight kinds of compound prescription, six kinds of Cellulite tea, acupuncture weight loss, "points
Bit catgut embedding lose weight "effective and safe way to lose weight, you can choose any one or with two kinds, or even three ways to
Good habit to learn to "picky eaters"
An appendix provides the quantity of food on behalf of the line "referred to in (241), this information by the Department of Health, the Food Health
For people diet food "edible quantity" and "calories" listed in the table it is clear, in accordance with this substitution table
, You can easily arrange for their own daily diet plan.

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