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Red bean barley soup diet recipes


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Red bean barley soup cooking method:

Material: 100 grams of red beans, of Pearl Barley (buy large Adlay) 200 grams, 1,000 cc of water and crystal sugar.

Practices: red beans and barley were washed soaked. First put in the barley water boiled until the water boil, turn a small
The fire then boiled for 20 minutes. Then join the red beans boiled for 30 minutes, until the red beans and barley cooked, add a small
Xu rock sugar to taste. (You can also add honey or brown sugar, if you want to completely lose weight, do not add)

Description: this soup into account stovepipe beauty, and red beans that you have good red color, while barley is not only
Eliminate the edema of the body, you can also make the skin fairer.

Red bean barley soup, cooking method:

The amount depends on personal preference and I are the same ratio (1:1), the put brown sugar or sugar ... I personally do not
It is like use sugars things, only like honey, so I use it instead.

My method is very simple, first the red beans Paoshang 5-6 hours to join the electric pot with barley, until electric
Stuffy about the pot jumped up after the first, and then according to your preferences by adding honey, remember not to stir the sugar naturally melted Europe to
In this way the red beans the APF will absorb sweet and tasty, but the soup was not too sweet. I usually cooked in the evening
After, into the refrigerator the next day and then eat. APF fully absorb the soup, red beans skin integrity entrance becomes red bean paste
Very good taste!

Red beans to lose weight, red bean barley soup weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss recipes, red beans, barley soup


Bride diet recipes


To lose weight, the bride to lose weight, the bride to lose weight, weight loss methods,
Bride diet recipes

Weight loss principle: this recipe can be incredible, of course - based on the popular international food law. (Separate protein foods and carbohydrate foods to eat, designed to allow the two types of food should not be the method of synthesis of fat) and there is conducive to human healthy young nucleic acid diet and design.

Best way to lose weight the fastest

Diet + exercise

This is a method that most fat people do not want to hear

But it did allow us to

Even lose weight or to maintain the body's

You can rely on a diet

But you will be patient very hard ....

Because a lot of goodies to be restraint

You can rely on exercise

But the premise is your kinetic energy

To greater than the calories you eat

I know the girls are lazy movement

So I ㄧ beginning also depend on "a diet"

But also because it .... once the body almost broke

Rely on a diet to lose weight people

We must learn to "calorie counting" and see more recipes

See more recipes to make yourself know

Whenever we eat ㄧ things go

You know his constituents

Like some girls Papan do not eat whipped cream

But in fact,

The Frankenmuth = whipped cream + gelatine

Ice cream = & ice cream, whipped cream + sugar

To girls

I would recommend people to lose weight

Day heat down to about 1000 cards up and down
(This is for the girls generally do not like sports)

I do not have much to say

I'll give you some of the low-calorie foods .... Forget

Because many people have very little cooking

Plus the need to go to work

So I will give you some suggestions

You can own to calculate

A breakfast:

    I will finish brushing your teeth in the morning
    Drink a cup of boiling water of 400 ~ 500cc ... such as going to the toilet
    At the beginning of the wash. Makeup
    Every day so accustomed bowel habits
    Cleared away the body of toxins

A main meal (starch):
   (1) whole wheat toast two soft-boiled eggs 65 card or low-fat (another plus from the disabilities cheese slice 100 cards)
      <Eating grains and cereals will not be hungry, one of about 70 to 90 cards = 180 cards>

   (2) homemade bread or grain bread or okara bread (Holiday well put frozen)
       <Own calorie counting ... ingredients>

   (3) the m of roasted If (To inform the waiter not to add butter) do not and jam. Cheese
         <About 220 to 250 cards

   (4) Chain Store Chocolate Roll (This comparison nutrition, and easy to be hungry, but you can take the high-fiber soy milk)
         <7-11: about 192 cards; family: about 162 cards>

Protein & drinks
    (1) soft-boiled eggs one (about 65 cards) ... protein 15 card, the remaining egg yolk
       <Water sources of protein, egg yolk lecithin, high cholesterol day limit>

    (2) the unified low sugar soy milk: a bottle of about 200 cards / 450ml

    (3) Unified sugar-free high-fiber soy milk: a bottle over 120 card / 450ml
          <Is salty, the other because it is high in fiber, so help defecation>

    (4) fruits and vegetables king (blue packaging): 80 cards / bottle ... like 450ml
          <Does not belong to the protein

    (5) the Mizuho zero fat fresh milk: 99 calories / bottle .... like 350ml
           <7-11 compare in selling>

    (6) high protein vegetarian scoop (36 cards * 2 = 72 cards) brew ...
          <Best .. there are protein hormone. Absorb fast and low-calorie>

Breakfast is not recommended to eat:
    (1) hot dogs. Ham. Pork floss .... processed foods, sodium content is high, resulting in too much salt accumulation
    (2) Coffee Tea ... drink on an empty stomach would be Shang Wei, too much caffeine is addictive, and can also cause loss of calcium
    (3) tea .... creamer is high in fat and calories
    (4) pancake .... usually outside will fry very oil
    (5) Rice .... starchy and usually refuel article ... a heat of about 500 card
    (6) ShuiJianBao .... many ShuiJianBao now, almost like a "Fried package"

Lunch. Dinner

 1.subway boats Fort ... single plus no heat yellow mustard
     (Vegetables Fort 230 card. Card of the turkey breast Fort 280. Chicken Fort 320 card ... is heat without sauce)

 2.7-11 oden (without sauce) calories own ride ... 280 to 300 cards ...
    Broth some heat yo
   (Turnips 14 card. Konjac card. Mushrooms and water bamboo calories are ultra-low .. the bamboo round of 28 cards)

 3.7-11 rice balls + cup of soup
   (About 190 cards .... Black Pepper Pork Loin)
   (Cup soups are low in calories)

 4. Meal replacement: eat meal replacement should pay attention to nutritional balance, moderate fiber supplements and nutrition food
          Sources must be safe

 Lunch: (high heat) ... not recommended
   (Usually a 600 card over the lunch ... followed by the following do .. minus 100 to 200 calories)
   (1) main meal: fried and control meat not to vote for the election steamed fish or Lu sticks (do not eat the skin)
   (2) rice: halve the gravy.
   (3) dishes: little fried (oil). Less Gou gravy (starch). Less fried (oil).
           Optional Steamed Egg Tofu Lu preserved egg tofu. Bamboo shoots .. high fiber and less oil dishes

5 fruits:
         Low-calorie fruit: tomatoes, guava (without seeds, excluding licorice & plum powder) ...
         High-calorie fruit: durian, mango, papaya, watermelon ...., these calories are high yo

6. General food stalls: (do not add sesame oil) .. low-calorie foods

          (1) side dishes: seaweed (about 18 card / chip) small Dougan (55 cards / chip)
          (2) dumplings: 25 to 50 cards / stars ... the general size
          (3) surface: oil than flour calorie low yo, but not to vote Gou gravy class
          (4) Soups: beetroot soup. Bamboo shoot soup of pig's blood soup
          (5) high-calorie foods: fried dumpling. Thin noodles fried meatballs ....

Breakfast: Coffee, Apple
Lunch: rice (a small bowl) fried potatoes, green peppers silk, raw cucumber, seaweed soup
Night: boiled shrimp (number only), bean curd, salad raw onion, celery buds
Tuesday slimming recipes:
Morning: porridge (a small bowl), bread (a) the grape
Afternoon: carp radish, tofu soup, boiled eggs (a), vegetable salad
Late: mung bean porridge (a small bowl) bread (a), Health and mud mixed with eggplant, raw cucumber
Wednesday slimming recipes:
Morning: Oolong tea, kiwi
L: burnt bamboo shoots, salad, broccoli, boiled eggs a
Night: beef, seaweed salad wire.
Thursday slimming recipes:
Morning: gruel (a small bowl), whole wheat bread (one), oranges
Lunch: roast beef, vegetables, salad, winter melon soup, raw tomatoes a
Night: polenta (a small bowl), bread (a), burning asparagus, raw cucumber

Friday slimming recipes:
Breakfast: Coffee, Apple
Afternoon: a small bowl of rice, vegetarian stew of lentils, stir-fried vegetables, winter melon soup
Night: chicken, roast carrots, celery salad
Saturday slimming recipes:
Breakfast: porridge (a small bowl) oranges
Lunch: boiled eggs, roast fish, mushrooms stir-fried vegetables
Night: sweet potato porridge (a small bowl), spinach salad, cake (twelve)
Sunday slimming recipes:
Breakfast: green tea, apple
L: carrots, celery fried liver, boiled eggs (1), tomato soup
Late: mung bean porridge, garlic mixed with kelp, steamed bread (1 2), Health and cucumber
Weight loss principle: this recipe can be incredible, of course - based on the popular international food law. (Separate protein foods and carbohydrate foods to eat, designed to allow the two types of food should not be the method of synthesis of fat) and there is conducive to human healthy young nucleic acid diet and design.

To lose weight, the bride to lose weight, the bride to lose weight, weight loss methods,
Bride diet recipes


Red bean diet recipes


Weight loss methods, weight loss, red beans, red beans to lose weight, red beans way to lose weight
Red bean diet recipes

Red beans slimming effect
The red beans are rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, dietary fiber, carotene, protein, minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc.. For blood, eliminate edema, diuretic has a good effect. Eat red beans can enhance gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation. The constipation caused the lower abdomen protruding girls and edema girls are very suitable.
Red beans also known as red bean, red bean to edema, spleen, diuretic efficacy. Red beans can be blood eat red beans beneficial to the body. Simple red beans diet recipes cooked red beans water. Directly boiled with red beans and water, until the red beans cooked soft can.
Red bean diet recipes
1 red bean dried tangerine peel soup
Material: 200 grams of red beans, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, a small amount of salt.
Practices: red beans soaked for 4 hours, then boiled with 500 ml of water, until the red beans cooked to overripe. Then turn off. The tangerine peel macerated with hot water, then put cooked bean soup, cover and simmer 10 minutes. Then add salt to taste. Dinner drink every day, and two weeks to practice eating.
Effect: You can reduce abdominal fat away from the bellies.
2 the red beans Horseshoe cool
Material: 200 grams of red beans, Horseshoe number.
Practice: the Horseshoe peeled and chopped, then add sugar, lemon boiled chestnut water. Red beans and water boiled with bean soup. Red bean paste and then poured into the Horseshoe water, stir well and serve.
Effect: Horseshoe have lower blood pressure and anti-cancer effect. Horseshoe containing vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and other helpful for weight loss.
3 red bean barley soup
Material: 100 grams of red beans, large Adlay 200 g.
Practice: the red beans and barley soak 4 hours. Then boiling down all the material and water together until the red beans and barley overripe and then turn off the heat, and then simmer for 15 minutes. Then add brown sugar or rock candy.
The effect: barley Similarly eliminate edema effect, while for white skin also has a good effect.
4 red bean porridge oats
Materials: 30 grams of oatmeal, skim milk, 30 grams, 50 grams of red beans, sugar to taste.
Practice: the oatmeal and water boiled for a while, raw oats probably cook for half an hour. The cooked oats do not need this step. Cook oats can not put too much water. When boiled oats sticky, add milk. Will be added to the milk, oats can be cooked red beans. Finally, add sugar seasoning.
Usually need to try the red bean diet sugar, increase the taste. But for the spleen and stomach Qi overdose sweets easy and fullness discomfort. So you can add a little salt to eliminate flatulence. Red bean diet supporting the efficacy of weight loss, but if you want to see weight loss results faster, it is recommended to eat red beans while exercise regularly.

The edible red beans to lose weight can make your thighs and waist slim curve very obvious effects. Red bean diet
The law is the absolute way to make you reach thin concrete results about 13 kg in two months! And thin
Part is the waist and thighs! Consumption of red beans, wild thin thighs and waist.

Red beans are rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and many minerals, blood, urine, swelling, and promote
Cardiac activation effects. Eat to the prevention and treatment of swollen feet, a weight loss effect. The stone base ingredients can increase
Gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation and promote urination, elimination of edema caused by heart or kidney disease.

 Use of red beans to lose weight concrete steps:

Bought red beans, also known as red bean, red bean, red bean, not the same name in different places

2 bulbs red beans, 24 hours

Cook red beans, the best casserole, but I use a pressure cooker, faster, cooked the best into the red bean casserole is two and a half
Hours, a pressure cooker for 10 minutes, and then you can eat.

 Hong Kong popular red beans diet

Materials: 200 grams of red beans, dried tangerine peel 5 grams, a little salt

500cc Shimizu specific approach: first the red beans soak for half an hour, join and bring to boil, cook for 30 minutes or so, we should
Red beans cooked on the right, and then turn off.

With hot water, dried tangerine peel soaked be red beans cooked flameout, put dried tangerine peel into the bean soup, superstructure stuffy ten minutes after
Add a little salt on it. The daily after drinking, eat at least two weeks.

 Farewell bellies - tangerine peel, red bean paste

Production: red beans soaked, steam cooked, add water and sugar boiled red bean paste, and then filtered with a fine sieve Yuba
Add chopped tangerine peel puree and cook for ten minutes can be. The being sweet red bean paste ponder with a little fragrance Chen
Leather smell.

Women: to reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat, help you farewell bellies.

Materia Medica: red bean red bean, "Compendium of Materia Medica" said their sexual downstream through the small intestine diuresis Decongestive addition
It to regulate menstruation Tongru, female menstruation, lactating women milk prevailing poor efficacy. In addition,
The tangerine peel have Huatanzhike to help digestion role. Sushi stop the plot, indigestion good therapeutic effect.

In addition to red bean, mung bean, is also a summer detox diet clergyman Oh, you can also skin it.

 Luster skin rejuvenation - Horseshoe mung beans cool

Production: Horseshoe peeled and chopped, add sugar, lemon boiled soups. Mung bean cage steam cooked, add boiled into green
Red bean, green bean into the Horseshoe soup can. Crushing grain of Horseshoe add a little more crisp, taste for taste
Road, sweet but not greasy.

Women: reduce acne, skin weight loss

Materia Medica: green beans Ganliang, can detoxify Xie Department swelling, eyesight buck the pharynx emollient, Quzhi, hepatoprotective. Horse's hoof
(Water chestnuts) are rich in dietary fiber, which horseshoe sugar, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A
B, B2, C, etc., the more blood pressure lowering and anti-cancer effects. Right amount of 100 grams of green beans glycerin and mix thoroughly, apply also to Run
Skin eliminate sores to treat acne and skin cracking.

Red bean diet to lose weight for a variety of ages, and is suitable for men and women to lose weight, is an absolutely safe and without side effects
Way to lose weight quickly try.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, red beans, red beans to lose weight, red beans way to lose weight
Red bean diet recipes


Yogurt way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, yogurt, yogurt diet ,yogurt weight loss methods 

According to studies, primarily the absorption of calcium from the yogurt crowd has a flat belly. Most yogurt contains some fungi can promote the health of the digestive system, reduce bloating, constipation, let your belly looks flatter. 
But nutritionists are also generally believed that the high heat of yogurt compared with milk, in general, 100 grams of milk contains 57 kcal of heat, and sugar-free fat yogurt calories 62 kcal per 100 grams of sugar nonfat yogurt calories per 100 grams of about 72 kcal. The heat increased the main reason is a lot of sugar added to the yogurt process. The yogurt diet not drink to how much can be. 
Xiaobian recommended: recommended for women who could not bear delicious yogurt Papan marked with the words of skim and low-calorie yogurt, although the taste is significant not so rich mellow, can also slightly lower heat than milk. If you do not bother, do it yourself yogurt oh. Yogurt with some fruit to improve taste. 
● Try for: 1-3 cups of low-fat or nonfat yogurt 
Best drink in two hours after a meal, drinking on an empty stomach yogurt to make yogurt health weakened, two hours after dinner drink, or drink before bed, both nourishing health care, promoting digestion, another exhaust through they role. 
● rapid weight-loss yogurt diet recipes recommended 
Many sisters are talking about the yogurt diet, but the specific operation vary. Said that the weight loss of 3 kg or less, must drink three days continuously yogurt, but to the weight loss of 5 kg or more consecutive yogurt 7 days. Take this method due to some well-known artists and slim down, after the disclosure by the media, so that from the many to follow suit. Following the system: 
Morning: yogurt diet drink law 
Getting up every morning to drink a glass of water, then drink a cup of honey water. Then drink a yogurt (about 200 ml), eat a piece of whole wheat bread / bowl of oatmeal. Try to buy low-sugar yogurt or low-fat yogurt (fat content 1.0 ─ 1.5%). 
If you feel hungry stomach to drink a bowl of soup, then eat a few mouthfuls of rice or a few cookies.Then drink a yogurt (about 200 ml). Then eat 100 grams of chicken / beef lamb / fish / offal / blood.These things mainly iron supplementation. Plus a plate of vegetables, cooked vegetables can eat small tomatoes / tomato / lettuce. Postprandial drink two cups of tea and digestion. 
Hungry when you can drink a cup of yogurt. 
At night 
Before dinner drink a glass of water or soup, and then eat a leafy green vegetables (to put soup cooked add chicken, or add a few drops of sesame oil salad). And noon as eating a cup of yogurt. The hungry can eat some fruit. 
User Experience: 
· I like to finish the sports dinner only yogurt about 200 ml, together with the apple and a cup of honey water to lose weight, so that both bowel and detoxification, and the stomach will be smaller, want to lose weight the most important thing is dinner. 
· Tried for three days and yogurt diet meals, lost about 3 pounds, but weight-loss success, eating and drinking are also very easy to rebound ... 
· I'm with yogurt, apple bread lose weight, the effect is obvious, when in May of success by 10 pounds a day, a pound off the meat, but a few days did not pay attention to diet control the rising. Later in the yogurt diet to change their eating habits and lifestyles, slim down after a recurrence of fat. 

The yogurt diet tips: yogurt, low-calorie meals to lose weight, not long-term practice 

Weight loss methods, weight loss, yogurt, yogurt diet ,yogurt weight loss methods

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3 recipes to lose weight

Weight loss, diet recipes, weight loss methods Carrots regarded as not very lovable but absolute king of vegetable varieties, carrots contain all the vitamins and trace elements needed by the body, you have nothing to worry about it had a vitamin deficiency, eat 2-3 carrots. Many obesity is associated with a lack of trace elements autumn dry dehydration, vitamin supplements can also become one of the most critical.
Carrots can be cut into small pieces with boiling water a putting to salad, can be used with celery, broccoli, lettuce or cucumber with food. Carrots best not squeezed into juice, because that would lose a valuable carrot cellulose, some impatience oxidation of nutrients will be caused by excessive exposure to oxygen and is oxidized to lose their effectiveness.
The fall vegetables weight loss NO.2 pumpkin
Pumpkin in the fall is also a hot vegetables, pumpkin detoxifies efficacy is recognized by everyone, especially the fall of the old pumpkin, is suitable for all types of obese consumption. Because the the old pumpkin pectin can reduce the gastrointestinal absorption of carbohydrates, lipids, accelerate the metabolism and circulation of blood, adsorption of harmful heavy metals and radioactive substances in the body, help you Qingshenjianfei while also healthier.
The most suitable for the fall of the old pumpkin soup with pumpkin porridge is also a good choice.The natural glycosidic make Pumpkin sweet Qing cook soup, let cool little dessert as a time to rest not only will not get fat, but also help digestion and reduce fat accumulation; the pumpkin porridge porridge ages, fall as dinner alternatives, adhere to three weeks to be able to lose the terror bellies, and quickly try it.
The fall vegetables weight loss NO.3 kelp
Sulfated polysaccharide-rich kelp, can effectively break down the fat particles in the blood vessel wall, so three high cholesterol or fat obese girls can eat. Kelp is also rich in iodine and potassium, makes the balance of the body's hormone secretion, and to avoid the endocrine disorders caused by obesity syndrome.
Vitamin A weight loss a bowl of seaweed soup Downsizing and Jiannao:
Seaweed in fat, saturated fatty acid, palmitic acid majority, about 20%; meat, beans, onions acid, stearic acid content, respectively, accounting for 2%; unsaturated fats good health effects on the human body - more, linoleic acid, linolenic acid or stearidonic acid content is 10% - 30%, and the height of the above C20 unsaturated fatty acids also have a certain content. More importantly, eicosapentaenoic acid content of up to 30% has been likened to the "Brain Gold" Laver. The seaweed contains vitamins content of B vitamins and vegetables compared favorably. The Laver of B vitamins, particularly in terrestrial plants almost does not exist vitamin B12 content is very high, in terms of dry matter content of vitamin B12 and fish similar. Vitamin B12 active brain aging and memory loss prevention to improve the effect of depression.
In addition, low seaweed fat content, and more in less than 1%, the addition contains up to 21% of the dietary fiber in seaweed, rid of junk and quality at the same time, to help slow down the aging of the brain supplement brain power, very low heat.
Enhance immune disease prevention
Laver general protein content between 24% -28%, far higher than the average vegetable content of amino acids necessary for the body. It contains a lot of harmful cholesterol can reduce taurine, help protect the liver. 1/3 of the seaweed dietary fiber, can maintain intestinal health, carcinogenic substances excreted particularly conducive to the prevention of colorectal cancer. It contained trace amounts of polysaccharides, can achieve the effect of inhibiting cancer.
The addition laver effects prevention of arteriosclerosis, sanguine, cerebral thrombosis, vertigo, difficulty breathing, and others with good food, postpartum women galactogogue.
Weight loss, diet recipes, weight loss methods  -->

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Healthy Weight Loss Tips

the healthy weight loss tips that you ought to know and take advantage of them; 1. Your morning breakfast - As one of the quick weight loss tips, you need to strengthen your breakfast and reduce intake of heavy supper or dinner. 2. Choose water above all other drinks - Our bodies are about 70 percent water and our inner organs such as kidneys need water to filter the blood and eliminate unwanted substances through urine and even toxins through our skin. 3. You need to exercise - The third quick weight loss tips i want to discuss today is exercise. Our bodies were designed by the creator of the universe for motion or activity and a sedentary lifestyle brings about more deterioration to our body. 4. Your calories - Yet another weight loss tips are to do with calories. I am sure most of us have heard about calories and even read about it in the media, and what it does in our bodies, and so what is calorie? Calories are the energy that fuel our bodies. 5. Eating a balanced diet - There no food by itself that can supply all the nutrients essential for the body to sustain itself, hence the term eating a balanced diet. 6. You need to rest - This is another vital healthy weight loss tips as part of achieving overall health including ideal weight is to always get enough rest. 7. You need to have a good mental attitude - Acquire the habit of dealing with life issues in a more calmly way. Do not hold grudges against others and yourself, learn to forgive, face the challenges in your life head on in positive way. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7294757 healthy weight loss tips -->

Daily drink Vinegar weight loss methods


Daily drink vinegar be good for you
Vinegar is very rich in minerals, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus, etc., can balance the pH of the blood,
To prevent the occurrence of disease. More than middle-aged women, the elderly, and so on, a small amount of vinegar alone can enhance the absorption of calcium, but not every day
Drink, excess will affect the normal metabolism of the calcium, more severe osteoporosis. Drink vinegar avoid fasting, so as to avoid stomach

Vinegar is indispensable in our kitchen condiments, it has many health functions, but its acidity so many people
Away, but the the vinegar goods made ​​from raw materials to apples and vinegar - Heaven and Earth One apple cider vinegar, sour and sweet.
Sweet with a tart, digestion of pure vinegar and sour, but also with the sweetness of fruit juice, the drink is very refreshing.
Antioxidant old age: drinking ten weeks, can enhance the body's cells antioxidant capacity of 13%.
Care cardiovascular: Cranberry can reduce blood fat, reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.
Protect the stomach lining: Cranberry can against Helicobacter pylori protect the lining of the stomach and urinary tract.

Vinegar alone diet once the rage, Japan, Taiwan popular pickled soybeans soaked in vinegar into vinegar beans, claiming
Every morning and evening to eat 10 to 20, will be able to achieve weight loss. Held argument is that vinegar can improve the body's metabolism as
Used to prevent the accumulation of fat, nutrition experts shook their heads, said there is no definitive research to support this
Kinds of argument.

Nutritionist inference, if really say Hecu the can lose weight, a large number of Hecu drink full, unable to eat other things,
Or jealous beans instead of the usual high-calorie snacks, contrast, reduced calorie intake.

Vinegar weight loss vinegar weight loss methods, weight loss methods, weight loss

Drink diet slimming effect?

Drink water to lose weight, water weight loss methods, weight loss methods, weight loss 
Add moisture: replenish lost moisture to maintain the water balance in the body. Improving cough: drink plenty of water to dilute the respiratory secretions, so that it is easy to be coughed up. (3) improving the cold: an adequate supply of water, to supplement the water lost due to a fever. Prevent constipation: drink plenty of water can lubricate the intestine to avoid intestinal water loss. Prevent gout: Drink plenty of water to prevent crystal deposition, and uric acid from the kidneys excrete. 6. Protection of the bladder: cystitis occur mostly in women who drink plenty of water can be washed away by the body bacteria. Protect the kidneys: Let organs to maintain normal water content, swept away the stones to prevent gallstones and kidney stones. 8. Improve metabolism: 500CC drink water in a certain period of time, the human metabolism will speed up to 30%.
I found that as long as the day drinking water shortage will affect day weight loss results. Drink your body weight per day 30 times the water does help burn body fat, but when you drink to drink slowly, once Mengguan to increase the Oh burden on the kidneys.
1, to help blood circulation, promote fat burning
Drinking hot water can improve the function of the stomach after drinking can promote blood circulation, so visceral temperature increased by about 1 ℃, metabolic capacity increased by 10% -12%, and fat burning rate is also faster!
2, the function of internal organs to enhance, eliminate toxins
As the page said, a cup of hot water can increase the body temperature, promote visceral activities also promote digestion. Makes the body of toxins, enhance the vitality of the liver and kidneys, cleanse the body from the inside to the outside.
Specific methods: about 800ml a day
1 cup of hot water in the morning after. About 10 minutes and drink slowly. The early morning is the best time of the bowel, but also the best time to lose weight.
2,3 meal each meal a cup. Drink hot water need to drink slowly. 3 meals helps rid the body of waste. Drink water to lose weight, water weight loss methods, weight loss methods, weight loss  -->

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Drink water fast weight-loss method


Drink plenty of water weight loss, rapid weight loss, weight-loss

‖ Get up early and drink a large glass of dilute brine before rich breakfast helps peristalsis, help the stomach to a clean-up, of course, does not appear bulging belly myself!

‖ Work in the morning to drink lemon citric acid can help gastrointestinal detoxification, to speed up the body's metabolism, the smell of lemon can also soothe the nerves, improve the efficiency of your work, it can be said to serve two purposes.

‖ Before lunch, drink a cup of warm water, a can filled Tiandu Zi reduce lunch diet component; secondly, to supplement the water consumed by the body, speed up the metabolism.

‖ An afternoon tea time, appetite and attacks, potato chips, cookies, soft drinks; are caused by fat food, At this time, it may be a cup of tea roses or vanilla tea can not only suppress the appetite, but also skin care Stomach.

‖ Dinner in the vegetable juice by drinking water reduce slimming Road is the correct water intake of carbohydrates and sugar, so dinner mainly protein and vegetable juices, not only low-calorie, rich in cellulose, can accelerate fat discharged.

Early in the morning to drink plenty of water - less pot

Eat breakfast in the morning before a cup of white water, light honey water or add a cellulose water, to accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the night before the body of waste and metabolites excreted to reduce the opportunities for small pot.

Drink plenty of water before a meal - less appetite

A lot of people are not really obese, but after dinner you'll see a drum capsule capsule appetite protruding standard Babyfat, even did not eat this little appetite suction to conceal. So, the best pre-dinner glass of water to alleviate hunger, reduce food intake, a long time, the appetite will be smaller. Can also supplement the body needs water to speed up the metabolism.

Dinner drink plenty of water - downsizing

By 10 pounds a month only drink a diet is unhealthy weight-loss techniques, proper weight-loss method of drinking water by the intake of protein and vegetables, to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar. Drink plenty of water, excessive intake of carbohydrates stomach will swell, so each meal menu should be vegetables, low-calorie and no fear of bloating situation, but also to chew slowly
Drink plenty of water weight loss, rapid weight loss, weight-loss

Weight-loss method


Weight-loss, weight-loss methods, obesity
Thin is not necessarily healthy ‧ healthy people must be thin

80% of the obese are concentrated in the lower body, especially the abdomen. But why is the printing of the weight-loss method for the lower body obesity are helpless? Because in this obesity Battle, everyone got the wrong enemy. Most people think, the abdomen are hoarding is "fat" and "fat" So hot pursuit. In fact, the lower body obesity, 80% because of "stagnant water", In other words, it is "water hoarding", rather than "oil accumulation. The abdomen since "no fat", it would mean in the fight a "no the enemy war"? No wonder the win!

Presently on the market most of the weight-loss method, are "only lean meat, not thin skin" Once the meat away, also followed the collapse of the skin, so wrinkles emerge, skin worse, there is no sheen. The book not only "lean meat" better "thin skin" Once the meat, skin shrink pores smaller along the skin naturally followed smooth.

In my opinion, the reason for human obesity, mainly due to food traffic jam "is" not to eat too much, but the food stays in the body for too long relationship. Obese body formation, of which two percent from too much fat, Bacheng vivo accumulation of excess moisture. That is, unless your eating habits are overeating, or the body metabolic disease, or obesity problem, eight water-related.

Not be denied, "obesity" and "eat and drink", but the reasons causing obesity, not to eat what food? Or eat food? But eat a problem caused by the food "traffic jam" in the human body, and thus lead to obesity. Therefore, as long as the correct concept of eating calorie natural metabolic simply will not get fat, naturally get that slimming effect, there is no need to deliberately lose weight, "downsizing" It is in a healthy diet, brought to us by attached gifts.
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New methods to lose weight in the winter

Good way to lose weight, now let me introduce a new way to lose weight.

The first day, when we get up to pound home and then pound, so that my understanding of the daily weight change. Understanding of their own body weight changes, before we can assess the effectiveness of their present weight loss method.

In addition, the winter will generally eat more than usual advance to prepare good healthy snacks, such as fruit and something with high dietary fiber, avoid potato chips and high-calorie food.

To a hot water bath immersion in cold winter weather, is also very good, and the hot water bath can stimulate the body's blood circulation, For Cellulite great help. But be careful soaking time not too long, and heart disease who are not suitable soaked in hot water bath.

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4 winter weight loss method


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Winter the best time to do exercise to lose weight
Chinese people what to do but also pay attention to the right place at the right time to do exercise to lose weight is the same, must be carried out at the appropriate time, in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

In the winter, the temperature in the morning is generally low, so if you choose this time for outdoor sports such as running, is stables discomfort, because the large temperature difference between the body temperature of a large number of loss, it is prone to hypothermia. Also because of the cold weather, the more easily cause muscle and joint injuries. So, winter is not the right amount to do exercise to lose weight in the morning.

If you can choose to exercise to lose weight in two p.m. to 7:00 pm, the effect will be even better, because the body upgrade as the outdoor temperature is also relatively improved, to be the sporty greater interest and excitement. Weight loss can be greatly enhanced.

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Way to lose weight in winter


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Because of the cold winter weather, many sisters relax lose weight determination, also wearing a thick sweater and people do not feel the weight loss needs.

The key to weight loss in the winter ten minutes

Ten minutes before getting up, before you rush to get up first to breathing: lying on the bed, his hands on the abdomen, slowly smoking a spit, bodily functions begin operation. Then you can punch a hot and cold water bath, the first ten seconds of 43-45 degrees warm water, then pour the cold water (25-30 degrees), repeated five to six times, which can stimulate the blood circulation of the body, so your body can burn more more fat.

Do not rush to get dressed first empty-handed heart tapping feet and chest attached to the mouth, which can stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, so that the body of the new array of metabolic enhance and more effective detoxification.

Next is to eat a sumptuous breakfast, the multi-fiber breakfast can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, digestive system work more effectively. The breakfast provided heat body heat for a day's work, can also greatly enhance the ability to burn fat. Enhance the body's metabolic rate, you can sit and lose weight! !

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5 Healthy way to lose weight


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Way to lose weight six fixed exercise:

Fixed exercise 3-5 times a week, after all, reduce body fat, lose weight, increase muscle, so energetic. Running, 5 times a week, every 45 minutes, a speed of 170 meters per minute, can be reduced by 10 pounds in three months; dancing, 6 times a week, one hour at a time can be reduced by 10 pounds in four months ; swimming, 4 hours per week in the four months to reduce 10 pounds; Cycling, four times a week, one hour at a time, and a speed of 15 kilometers per hour, can be reduced by 10 pounds in five months. If you have not been fixed exercise and start to do less to prevent physical injury. Excessive movement will increase the food intake, so less than the weight loss goals.

Seven ways to lose weight, strength training:

Strength training can build muscle. The more muscle

Faster the metabolism respect. 45 minutes of weight training three times a week, can reduce 10 pounds in 10 months. To avoid hurt the body should be the coach to help select the appropriate weight and the development of appropriate exercise program. Stretching exercises to do before and after exercise, in order to maintain the flexibility of the body weight and the number of weightlifting can be gradually increased.

Weight loss methods reduce calorie intake and walking combined:

Soda water instead of Coca-Cola, the daily intake of 150 kcal less heat. When coupled with 5 times a week, every 5 kilometers in 45 minutes walking, you can reduce 10 pounds in three months. If you reduce the heat some more, remains above a walk, you can reduce 10 pounds in seven weeks.

Weight loss methods Nine, reduce fat intake and weight lifting combined:

This method can consume excess body fat, maintain a good shape and growth of muscle, speed up metabolism, promote cardiovascular health. Eat 20 grams of fat a day, 20 minutes of weight lifting three times a week, can be reduced by 10 pounds within three and a half months.

Weight loss methods ten best choice:

Based on the above nine methods to develop a progressive and to ensure implementation of the plan, the best combination of programs to control the fat intake, exercise and strength training. As long as there is confidence and perseverance to do it, we will certainly be able to achieve weight loss, strengthen muscles, promote cardiovascular health and body metabolism of purpose. Reduce the intake of 100 kcal per day, three times a week walking, each with walk three kilometers in 30 minutes, do 2 times a week weightlifting exercise, every 40 minutes. Such a combination, can be reduced by 10 pounds in five months. Will be three methods combine to do, may not adapt, may wish to try to gradually increase or decrease.
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Healthy way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, healthy weight loss
The girls to graceful curve often take their own body as a testing ground to try various "legends effective way to lose weight, inevitably beverages or rebound more fat, lose weight moves recommend some" magic ", as long as you adhere to a certain can be successful. Here are 10 ways considered by experts to be the best way to lose weight. To the average daily intake of 2,000 calories anchored.

Way to lose weight, reduce calorie intake:

Nutritionists believe matter what you control - protein, carbohydrates or fat, and ultimately reduce caloric intake. If a small intake of 800 calories, can reduce 10 pounds in six weeks; intake of 500 calories less to lose 10 pounds in two and a half. Not carry weight drop too quickly, otherwise it is very dangerous. Notified, per person per day for at least 1,200 kilocalories intake, if the supply of body heat is too little;'ll lose muscle. Muscle is the key to the body burns calories, promote metabolism.

Way to lose weight, eat a meat 10 pounds in 2 months:

Experts pointed out that, for every 1 gram of fat-9 kilocalories.

Compared with fat, carbohydrate and protein calories per gram, much lower, about 4 kcal. Therefore do not have to eat less to lose weight instead of daily consumption of foods that contain fat (such as butter and other foods), fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, experts say, If you do eat 20-40 grams per day fat, you can lose weight 10 pounds in two months. However, not everyone eat less fat can lose weight if excessive carbohydrate consumption, can also cause weight gain.

Weight loss methods to reduce food intake:

In order to lose weight without giving up favorite foods, it is important to be controlled. If you prefer a certain food consumption and large, it should pay attention to reduce the weight of each. Not 4 times a week, every 200 grams of meat consumption, but 100 grams each, so that you can reduce the intake of 1200 kilocalories significantly reduced body weight in about seven and a half months time. Recommend dieters put a scale in the kitchen, affixed to a prompt slogans, reminds the weight of food intake.

Way to lose weight four, one meal a day, the flow of food five weeks to lose 10 pounds:

Usually flow making food is very convenient. A day with a meal only eat liquid food or drinks, you can lose 10 pounds in eight months. Liquid food should be diversified, in order to avoid lack of nutrition. Under the guidance of a doctor, and even food meals a day flow. This will reduce 10 pounds in five weeks. However, to ensure that the selected liquid food provides the body the necessary nutrients and protein, and to ensure that the three meals a day.

Way to lose weight, walking 45 minutes six months to lose 10 pounds:

Adhere to five days a week, once a day, every 45 minutes to go 5 km away, do so in the six months to lose 10 pounds of body weight. Within 45 minutes walk of 6.5 km, the weight loss faster. Some might say "do not have time to take a walk". In fact, time is squeezed. The cardiologists said: in this way to lose weight may increase appetite. Therefore, before or after a walk, you can eat some low-fat food or fresh fruit, drink plenty of water to replenish the water in the body due to decreased sweating.
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