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2012年10月1日 星期一

Weight-loss method


Weight-loss, weight-loss methods, obesity
Thin is not necessarily healthy ‧ healthy people must be thin

80% of the obese are concentrated in the lower body, especially the abdomen. But why is the printing of the weight-loss method for the lower body obesity are helpless? Because in this obesity Battle, everyone got the wrong enemy. Most people think, the abdomen are hoarding is "fat" and "fat" So hot pursuit. In fact, the lower body obesity, 80% because of "stagnant water", In other words, it is "water hoarding", rather than "oil accumulation. The abdomen since "no fat", it would mean in the fight a "no the enemy war"? No wonder the win!

Presently on the market most of the weight-loss method, are "only lean meat, not thin skin" Once the meat away, also followed the collapse of the skin, so wrinkles emerge, skin worse, there is no sheen. The book not only "lean meat" better "thin skin" Once the meat, skin shrink pores smaller along the skin naturally followed smooth.

In my opinion, the reason for human obesity, mainly due to food traffic jam "is" not to eat too much, but the food stays in the body for too long relationship. Obese body formation, of which two percent from too much fat, Bacheng vivo accumulation of excess moisture. That is, unless your eating habits are overeating, or the body metabolic disease, or obesity problem, eight water-related.

Not be denied, "obesity" and "eat and drink", but the reasons causing obesity, not to eat what food? Or eat food? But eat a problem caused by the food "traffic jam" in the human body, and thus lead to obesity. Therefore, as long as the correct concept of eating calorie natural metabolic simply will not get fat, naturally get that slimming effect, there is no need to deliberately lose weight, "downsizing" It is in a healthy diet, brought to us by attached gifts.
Weight-loss, weight-loss methods, obesity

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