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3 recipes to lose weight

Weight loss, diet recipes, weight loss methods Carrots regarded as not very lovable but absolute king of vegetable varieties, carrots contain all the vitamins and trace elements needed by the body, you have nothing to worry about it had a vitamin deficiency, eat 2-3 carrots. Many obesity is associated with a lack of trace elements autumn dry dehydration, vitamin supplements can also become one of the most critical.
Carrots can be cut into small pieces with boiling water a putting to salad, can be used with celery, broccoli, lettuce or cucumber with food. Carrots best not squeezed into juice, because that would lose a valuable carrot cellulose, some impatience oxidation of nutrients will be caused by excessive exposure to oxygen and is oxidized to lose their effectiveness.
The fall vegetables weight loss NO.2 pumpkin
Pumpkin in the fall is also a hot vegetables, pumpkin detoxifies efficacy is recognized by everyone, especially the fall of the old pumpkin, is suitable for all types of obese consumption. Because the the old pumpkin pectin can reduce the gastrointestinal absorption of carbohydrates, lipids, accelerate the metabolism and circulation of blood, adsorption of harmful heavy metals and radioactive substances in the body, help you Qingshenjianfei while also healthier.
The most suitable for the fall of the old pumpkin soup with pumpkin porridge is also a good choice.The natural glycosidic make Pumpkin sweet Qing cook soup, let cool little dessert as a time to rest not only will not get fat, but also help digestion and reduce fat accumulation; the pumpkin porridge porridge ages, fall as dinner alternatives, adhere to three weeks to be able to lose the terror bellies, and quickly try it.
The fall vegetables weight loss NO.3 kelp
Sulfated polysaccharide-rich kelp, can effectively break down the fat particles in the blood vessel wall, so three high cholesterol or fat obese girls can eat. Kelp is also rich in iodine and potassium, makes the balance of the body's hormone secretion, and to avoid the endocrine disorders caused by obesity syndrome.
Vitamin A weight loss a bowl of seaweed soup Downsizing and Jiannao:
Seaweed in fat, saturated fatty acid, palmitic acid majority, about 20%; meat, beans, onions acid, stearic acid content, respectively, accounting for 2%; unsaturated fats good health effects on the human body - more, linoleic acid, linolenic acid or stearidonic acid content is 10% - 30%, and the height of the above C20 unsaturated fatty acids also have a certain content. More importantly, eicosapentaenoic acid content of up to 30% has been likened to the "Brain Gold" Laver. The seaweed contains vitamins content of B vitamins and vegetables compared favorably. The Laver of B vitamins, particularly in terrestrial plants almost does not exist vitamin B12 content is very high, in terms of dry matter content of vitamin B12 and fish similar. Vitamin B12 active brain aging and memory loss prevention to improve the effect of depression.
In addition, low seaweed fat content, and more in less than 1%, the addition contains up to 21% of the dietary fiber in seaweed, rid of junk and quality at the same time, to help slow down the aging of the brain supplement brain power, very low heat.
Enhance immune disease prevention
Laver general protein content between 24% -28%, far higher than the average vegetable content of amino acids necessary for the body. It contains a lot of harmful cholesterol can reduce taurine, help protect the liver. 1/3 of the seaweed dietary fiber, can maintain intestinal health, carcinogenic substances excreted particularly conducive to the prevention of colorectal cancer. It contained trace amounts of polysaccharides, can achieve the effect of inhibiting cancer.
The addition laver effects prevention of arteriosclerosis, sanguine, cerebral thrombosis, vertigo, difficulty breathing, and others with good food, postpartum women galactogogue.
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