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2012年10月6日 星期六

Yogurt way to lose weight


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According to studies, primarily the absorption of calcium from the yogurt crowd has a flat belly. Most yogurt contains some fungi can promote the health of the digestive system, reduce bloating, constipation, let your belly looks flatter. 
But nutritionists are also generally believed that the high heat of yogurt compared with milk, in general, 100 grams of milk contains 57 kcal of heat, and sugar-free fat yogurt calories 62 kcal per 100 grams of sugar nonfat yogurt calories per 100 grams of about 72 kcal. The heat increased the main reason is a lot of sugar added to the yogurt process. The yogurt diet not drink to how much can be. 
Xiaobian recommended: recommended for women who could not bear delicious yogurt Papan marked with the words of skim and low-calorie yogurt, although the taste is significant not so rich mellow, can also slightly lower heat than milk. If you do not bother, do it yourself yogurt oh. Yogurt with some fruit to improve taste. 
● Try for: 1-3 cups of low-fat or nonfat yogurt 
Best drink in two hours after a meal, drinking on an empty stomach yogurt to make yogurt health weakened, two hours after dinner drink, or drink before bed, both nourishing health care, promoting digestion, another exhaust through they role. 
● rapid weight-loss yogurt diet recipes recommended 
Many sisters are talking about the yogurt diet, but the specific operation vary. Said that the weight loss of 3 kg or less, must drink three days continuously yogurt, but to the weight loss of 5 kg or more consecutive yogurt 7 days. Take this method due to some well-known artists and slim down, after the disclosure by the media, so that from the many to follow suit. Following the system: 
Morning: yogurt diet drink law 
Getting up every morning to drink a glass of water, then drink a cup of honey water. Then drink a yogurt (about 200 ml), eat a piece of whole wheat bread / bowl of oatmeal. Try to buy low-sugar yogurt or low-fat yogurt (fat content 1.0 ─ 1.5%). 
If you feel hungry stomach to drink a bowl of soup, then eat a few mouthfuls of rice or a few cookies.Then drink a yogurt (about 200 ml). Then eat 100 grams of chicken / beef lamb / fish / offal / blood.These things mainly iron supplementation. Plus a plate of vegetables, cooked vegetables can eat small tomatoes / tomato / lettuce. Postprandial drink two cups of tea and digestion. 
Hungry when you can drink a cup of yogurt. 
At night 
Before dinner drink a glass of water or soup, and then eat a leafy green vegetables (to put soup cooked add chicken, or add a few drops of sesame oil salad). And noon as eating a cup of yogurt. The hungry can eat some fruit. 
User Experience: 
· I like to finish the sports dinner only yogurt about 200 ml, together with the apple and a cup of honey water to lose weight, so that both bowel and detoxification, and the stomach will be smaller, want to lose weight the most important thing is dinner. 
· Tried for three days and yogurt diet meals, lost about 3 pounds, but weight-loss success, eating and drinking are also very easy to rebound ... 
· I'm with yogurt, apple bread lose weight, the effect is obvious, when in May of success by 10 pounds a day, a pound off the meat, but a few days did not pay attention to diet control the rising. Later in the yogurt diet to change their eating habits and lifestyles, slim down after a recurrence of fat. 

The yogurt diet tips: yogurt, low-calorie meals to lose weight, not long-term practice 

Weight loss methods, weight loss, yogurt, yogurt diet ,yogurt weight loss methods

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