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2012年10月2日 星期二

Daily drink Vinegar weight loss methods


Daily drink vinegar be good for you
Vinegar is very rich in minerals, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus, etc., can balance the pH of the blood,
To prevent the occurrence of disease. More than middle-aged women, the elderly, and so on, a small amount of vinegar alone can enhance the absorption of calcium, but not every day
Drink, excess will affect the normal metabolism of the calcium, more severe osteoporosis. Drink vinegar avoid fasting, so as to avoid stomach

Vinegar is indispensable in our kitchen condiments, it has many health functions, but its acidity so many people
Away, but the the vinegar goods made ​​from raw materials to apples and vinegar - Heaven and Earth One apple cider vinegar, sour and sweet.
Sweet with a tart, digestion of pure vinegar and sour, but also with the sweetness of fruit juice, the drink is very refreshing.
Antioxidant old age: drinking ten weeks, can enhance the body's cells antioxidant capacity of 13%.
Care cardiovascular: Cranberry can reduce blood fat, reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.
Protect the stomach lining: Cranberry can against Helicobacter pylori protect the lining of the stomach and urinary tract.

Vinegar alone diet once the rage, Japan, Taiwan popular pickled soybeans soaked in vinegar into vinegar beans, claiming
Every morning and evening to eat 10 to 20, will be able to achieve weight loss. Held argument is that vinegar can improve the body's metabolism as
Used to prevent the accumulation of fat, nutrition experts shook their heads, said there is no definitive research to support this
Kinds of argument.

Nutritionist inference, if really say Hecu the can lose weight, a large number of Hecu drink full, unable to eat other things,
Or jealous beans instead of the usual high-calorie snacks, contrast, reduced calorie intake.

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