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2012年10月2日 星期二

Drink diet slimming effect?

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Add moisture: replenish lost moisture to maintain the water balance in the body. Improving cough: drink plenty of water to dilute the respiratory secretions, so that it is easy to be coughed up. (3) improving the cold: an adequate supply of water, to supplement the water lost due to a fever. Prevent constipation: drink plenty of water can lubricate the intestine to avoid intestinal water loss. Prevent gout: Drink plenty of water to prevent crystal deposition, and uric acid from the kidneys excrete. 6. Protection of the bladder: cystitis occur mostly in women who drink plenty of water can be washed away by the body bacteria. Protect the kidneys: Let organs to maintain normal water content, swept away the stones to prevent gallstones and kidney stones. 8. Improve metabolism: 500CC drink water in a certain period of time, the human metabolism will speed up to 30%.
I found that as long as the day drinking water shortage will affect day weight loss results. Drink your body weight per day 30 times the water does help burn body fat, but when you drink to drink slowly, once Mengguan to increase the Oh burden on the kidneys.
1, to help blood circulation, promote fat burning
Drinking hot water can improve the function of the stomach after drinking can promote blood circulation, so visceral temperature increased by about 1 ℃, metabolic capacity increased by 10% -12%, and fat burning rate is also faster!
2, the function of internal organs to enhance, eliminate toxins
As the page said, a cup of hot water can increase the body temperature, promote visceral activities also promote digestion. Makes the body of toxins, enhance the vitality of the liver and kidneys, cleanse the body from the inside to the outside.
Specific methods: about 800ml a day
1 cup of hot water in the morning after. About 10 minutes and drink slowly. The early morning is the best time of the bowel, but also the best time to lose weight.
2,3 meal each meal a cup. Drink hot water need to drink slowly. 3 meals helps rid the body of waste. Drink water to lose weight, water weight loss methods, weight loss methods, weight loss  -->

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