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2012年9月30日 星期日

Way to lose weight in winter


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Because of the cold winter weather, many sisters relax lose weight determination, also wearing a thick sweater and people do not feel the weight loss needs.

The key to weight loss in the winter ten minutes

Ten minutes before getting up, before you rush to get up first to breathing: lying on the bed, his hands on the abdomen, slowly smoking a spit, bodily functions begin operation. Then you can punch a hot and cold water bath, the first ten seconds of 43-45 degrees warm water, then pour the cold water (25-30 degrees), repeated five to six times, which can stimulate the blood circulation of the body, so your body can burn more more fat.

Do not rush to get dressed first empty-handed heart tapping feet and chest attached to the mouth, which can stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, so that the body of the new array of metabolic enhance and more effective detoxification.

Next is to eat a sumptuous breakfast, the multi-fiber breakfast can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, digestive system work more effectively. The breakfast provided heat body heat for a day's work, can also greatly enhance the ability to burn fat. Enhance the body's metabolic rate, you can sit and lose weight! !

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