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Atkins weight loss methods


Way to lose weight, the Atkins diet, weight loss, Atkins

I used the Atkins diet, but this method can not be used for too long, although effective

"Atkins diet" swept the United States in the 1990s, from Hollywood stars to former President Bill Clinton,

All the advocates of this trend, the ordinary people in droves.

Atkins diet "commonly known as the" meat diet ", once very popular,

It should be said that this weight loss method can effectively lose weight. It uses the case of lack of carbohydrates in the diet,

To provide calories from protein and fat in the meat. Boiled. Reuben juice seasoning, can not be fried

When the daily carbohydrate intake of less than 100 grams, the body will burn protein and fat,

Result in incomplete combustion intermediate-ketone bodies, mass produced ketone bodies not only can not be absorbed by the body use and when the need to take away a lot of water and ions excreted to achieve the effect of rapid weight loss.

The method advocates try to eat foods with high carbohydrate content,

Carbohydrate foods, white bread, Italian pasta, because these foods will make human blood glucose increased rapidly

Can stimulate appetite, people unknowingly eating more food. Advocates to eat animal protein. So avoid eating because of hunger caused by the large number of

Body break down fats and carbohydrates to produce the heat required for day-to-day activities, and the general rule is to break down carbohydrates, so - once truncated carbohydrate intake, the body will break down fat in order to obtain the heat. In addition, large amounts of protein intake from foods such as meat, eggs, fish and butter, protein can promote the body's metabolism, which can speed up the body to burn more fat. ..
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6 ways to lose weight

Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe, effective way to lose weight
8 Laundry folder folder ways to lose weight
This was to use the laundry folder to get your fingers caught, can stimulate acupuncture points to achieve a slimming effect. The first clip, again caught in the middle of the thumb and index finger at the first joint of the middle finger and the second joint. Folder, of course, guarantee pain Hello!

9. Deposited ice pillow way to lose weight
Ice pillow with a towel wrap on Xiangshou site a local ice about 15 minutes, so you can promote blood circulation and reduce subcutaneous fat. Ice but you can do too much to it, but will be affected by frostbite!

10. Way to lose weight drinking baby milk powder
Tasty, cheap, convenient and nutritious. Infant formula instead of dinner, a month at least 3 kg of lean Oh!

11 toothbrush good body weight loss methods
Americans tried, before and after each meal with a soft toothbrush to brush your tongue can receive reduced appetite effect, because too thick tongue will taste nerve weaken, eat a lot before eating the food of the message spread to the brain, this will issue a message of satiety, so rub came thick tongue taste nerves of the tongue, can increase appetite can be less than the normal half has the feeling of satiety.

12 chocolate reduced fat way to lose weight
Nutritionists remind lose weight need to quit, sweet, chocolate is the number one enemy, but food scientists say that the main ingredient in chocolate, cocoa, you can bring your taste satisfaction before each meal to eat a piece of pure taste of chocolate eating at the day easy to eat, can advance to eat a natural to fork before no appetite.

13. Reduced to a belly air - weight loss methods to lose weight
Weird Japanese, daily breakfast and lunch can maintain the original appetite, night cola instead of a can of low-calorie, carbonated cola to fill its belly, stomach gas make you a sense of fullness, so you can not have starving yet received a diet of efficiency

Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe, effective way to lose weight


7 Effective way to lose weight


Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe, effective way to lose weight

1. Towel way to lose weight
But this ultra-simple method believe that sisters will use. As long as the folded towel on your head to walk to be able to lose weight, simple and easy, right? ? Walk, remember not to let the towel fall, because it make you nervous to bring pressure, fat can decompose Hello

2. Coated lip balm way to lose weight
Painted in two or three minutes before dinner, coating, from glabella start to the nose following a straight painted down. Painted before the US-times for dinner two or three times to reduce appetite, this approach should be effective, just dinner with others, we will 话 Conversation scared not eat yo!

3 red underwear way to lose weight
The red can promote blood circulation, to wear to feel a bustling prevention cold, relieve physical pain, as long as it is red can!

4. Wearing sweat mask weight loss method
Wore a mask sweating in the bath, as long as 5-7 minutes, immediately gave his flow powder Khan! Big face immediately changed little face it!

5 to see weight loss hypnosis book
This is designed for weight loss are out of the picture book. Self-hypnosis from the text with the picture, appetite will gradually smaller Hello! Many school textbooks fall into this category!

6. Rings weight loss methods to lose weight
Still hard to deal with tape to lose weight? That you can really outdated friends can not be so complicated, just wearing a tiny ring, it can be a doctor to kind of explain the efficacy Oh, ready to remind you to lose weight, simple and convenient chant!

7 socks ways to lose weight
But this while wearing four pairs of socks for the job yo! First to wear silk toe socks, wear cotton five fingers socks, stockings, cotton socks. According to this order, wear Caixing it! Driving these four steps in mind, do not forget to spray a little addition to foot odor solution!
Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe, effective way to lose weight


Weight loss recipe


Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe
★ Yakult + half a lemon 3 pre-dinner drink can whitening and slimming

★ every night before going to bed, legs against the wall for 30 minutes, at a 90 degree angle with the body, over time, to ensure that you have a pair of beautiful legs!

★ milk and Yakult and more about a 3:2 ratio of mixed (to drink it! Do not place too long, otherwise there will be the thick sediment fermented), several times a day to drink, you will have unexpected successful experience Oh!

★ first one teaspoon of green tea powder with warm water and mix thoroughly, then pour the Yakult or yogurt mixed with food to aid digestion, skincare, but also to achieve weight loss results!! (Meals eaten after a meal better)

★ Yakult + green tea can lose weight.

★ eat and drink a glass of water before meals Chiyikoufan drink of water, the effect is not bad, if you replace the water with lemonade, the effect will be even better!

★ each meal one to two ate only yogurt add boiled eggs .. I did ... and the results do not thin three kilograms a week!

★ roll hoop half an hour a day, to ensure that after six months is a beautiful and handsome.

Every morning and evening, before dinner drink a cup of black tea + low ester milk powder (350c.c) of you (but black tea to be cold unavailable heat or temperature so that no effect) tastes like tea, like (preferably drink a day)

★ normal diet, do not eat snacks, three meals a day is normal, not picky eaters. Avoid << to snacking >> Otherwise, broken power!! Easy to say, is not easy ㄚ, with a total of make effort to be My Fair Lady it!

★ drink a large glass of water before meals, eat more than 25 minutes during the try, a brain automatically convey the message, you have a "eat" the best chewing food 30 times, although a lot of trouble, but the results will be very Perak Oh!

★ exercise more, eat less fried goods less meat and more fruits and vegetables, heart pleasure to maintain confidence Transamerica to ensure long

★ as long as the bath with hot water down the bath, until the whole foot felt warm, then cold water down to flush, this way, you can help pores contraction, in order to achieve the function of the thin thighs!

★ = eating an egg in the morning

= Before meals at noon to eat some fruit, then eat This allows stomach easy satiety, and will not eat more

= As much as possible at night until seven after eating dinner, or fruit instead of the other most important thing is Hula Hoop shake before going to bed for 20 to 30 minutes per minute shaking around 80 under such an average week about one kilogram of lean safe and healthy ㄜ to try

Normal breakfast, eat lunch, eat a drop point, Dinner hundreds of thousands can not eat, so a week for at least two to three kilograms less. . . This is an instance of my success. .

★ 1. Eat small pot of meat are best left to the last release, in order to avoid the soup are oil.

Meal, vegetable oil should not have been let rice suction to prevent the rice are eating oil.

★ 1. Do not eat meat. More exercise. Confident. Excessive weight loss hard period

★ how to unplug annoying acne: face for protein. Taking advantage of is not dry. Thinking unplug acne place. Put absorbing tissues. Dried roots absorbing tissues. Acne also followed up ... but only now .. mature hardware acne!

★ normal meal, but to want snacks fried food, daily before a meal to eat half a lemon, do not drink too much water. Wish you success!!!

★ everyday 1800cc boiled water to a child in the morning before eating lunch full dinner less

★ daily an apple & grapefruit + unlimited skim milk .... month about minus 15kg .... I from the Tianxi Ren [devil slimming Manual] seems .... After my own the test .... really!! but ... it is recommended that the time should not exceed one week .... ... will be very uncomfortable even dream will dream about a fancy meal ~ ~ ~

★ exercise at least three times a week for at least 20-60 minutes, eat less fried, fried ... food, diverted to the diet of boiled or steamed like less oil, but remained at least 1,000 calories drink plenty of water, especially in the morning to get up to 2:00 pm, to promote the elimination of toxins and metabolic Oh!

Eat a lot of points ★ breakfast, lunch, eat high-protein foods such as: milk `eggs eat only fruits and vegetables for dinner five hours before bedtime to stop eating, coupled with the hula hoop on the half-hour will slim down the Oh!

★ each meal must eat otherwise the next meal will eat more breakfast a bottle of low-fat milk and a tea = 1/4 about 200 card lunch rice bowl, the meat can not be two more rice, vegetables are not limited (most good to oil and water or boiled) not limited until full until dinner to eat boiled vegetables

★ any food, only eat fruit and drink water, or drink milk ㄛ; 4 kg of lean ㄛ a week if you can, with the sport better &

★ breakfast. Lunch normal eating dinner drink a can of Diet Coke can.

★ Breakfast: a bottle of yogurt Lunch: normal, the rice eat only a tablespoon or so, do not eat snacks, bread like not the Huai touch Dinner: hungry only eat tomatoes or yogurt

★ personal recipe ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ eat breakfast every morning one hour before swimming for 40 minutes (also available to other sports instead) → movement (things to avoid eating too much oil) → eat in a pre-dinner half an hour to drink a cup of green tea powder + low-fat milk (about 300c.c.) drinking after a meal to eat (drink milk so that there will be a feeling of satiety) → dinner half an hour before the first cup of green tea powder + milk ~ after drinking, eating fruit or vegetables to eat → 7:30 after!! before going to bed and then to be a leg or kicking the air bicycle motion →

◎ If bedtime suddenly felt hungry ~ hungry ~ ~ can drink a cup of green tea powder + milk to fill their stomachs!!! ◎ avoid fried foods and sweet hungry. The ◎ keep happy. ◎ because fixed exercise every day, so it would be more tired ~ but!! Should never be a catch opportunity to sleep Oh!! But will get fat!!!

★ breakfast: boiled water the 300cc (heated) + yogurt + tomatoes

Lunch: vegetables + fruit

Dinner: yogurt + vegetables + fruit
Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe

Weight loss tips


Way to lose weight, to lose weight, the most effective way to lose weight, weight loss tips 

About excretion of body waste, a very simple method is to eat fish oil, red wine, I spent most of a month once per week, fish oil before going to bed to eat two, red wine to taste (have to buy the sugar-free , not sweet), who tried to have this feeling, and the next morning it will emit a lot of poo quite stick thin belly effect.

2, after the workout, the body will have fever sweating feeling, bow down this time, to the palms your poles, for 5-6 minutes. For doing so, can be extended to the back of the curve.

Some girls have the habit of drinking tea, can also help people lose weight, but be careful not to drink more than one hours bubble tea, especially when eating in a restaurant, the waiter to help you brewed tea, are outdated 's. Best trouble she give you a pot of boiled water. Do not even tea during menstruation, it will distract you iron, causing bodily weakness.

       4, the other if they lose weight stagnant period hundreds of thousands not give up, we must stick to it

Prices or previous efforts, there are several ways to sustained weight loss drink plenty of water 3. Adding exercise 4 and eating vitamin b group 5. Maintain a happy mood

Must have patience to be successful Oh, filling it to believe in yourself.

In accordance with the above method, I think you must be able to slim down to that because I Oh! Gradually get used to this life will be able to slim down to refueling

I lean from 75 to 55, you can take a look (there is a photo of my weight loss)

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☆ ☆ ☆ ★ The following are some quick and healthy weight loss.Your reference to see ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
The most effective rapid and healthy way to lose weight
● Sports fast weight loss methods

☆ jump fly weight loss method daily jump rope thousand under a day / minus 0.5 kg

☆ crunches 20 times a day daily growth has been 20 to 100 times a day every day / minus 0.6 kg

☆ swimming diet every morning and evening to go swimming once a month / $ 2-4 kg

☆ walk diet brisk walking 2-3 months to go more than five thousand steps a day / minus 1-2 kg

☆ raised up exercises to lose weight the right shoulder, and then down to relax back and forth four times. Shoulders with the lifting, and then down to relax, back and forth a total of eight times a month / $ 2-3 kg

2009-02-12 12:42:46 add

● diet quick way to lose weight

☆ pineapple quick way to lose weight to eat three meals a pineapple. Two days to two consecutive days yo / minus 2.5 kg

☆ bean sprouts quick way to lose weight three meals a day to eat bean sprouts, and the last three days. Do not eat a different kind of things, without meat oil for three days / decrease of 2 kg

☆ speeding enzymes protein quick weight loss methods. Soybeans about 80%, about 15% of the milk calcium, about 5% of honey with cold water to drink brew to twelve days / lose 5-8 kg

☆ Hecu diet buy rice vinegar or natural brewing vinegar, add honey and water blending out the door every morning to drink a glass of month / minus 3-5 kg
Way to lose weight, to lose weight, the most effective way to lose weight, weight loss tips 

The most effective way to lose weight


Way to lose weight, to lose weight, the most effective way to lose weight
The most effective way to lose weight in a month, basically pure movement, natural health, it is recommended.
The most effective way to lose weight in a month

1, drink plenty of water 12-16 cups:

Usually say to drink eight glasses of water a day to increase weight loss. Try to drink, do not drink coffee, drink green tea, oolong. A glass of water is 240 ml, so you can plan together in the morning to drink a large glass of lemonade, and then another drink before breakfast, before lunch, a drink 20 minutes before lunch, drink a glass of tomato juice watered (said to help speed up the metabolism I tried to think good results, but more probably because safeguards flu).

Drink plenty of water can help the body rid itself of toxic substances, and can also help to "melt" fat. Milk, soy milk can not be water, but you drink 12-16 cups, then they can barely make up. You will feel a lot of trips to the bathroom, but also forced himself up a way more activities.

The most effective way to lose weight in a month

2, exercise in the morning:

There are several advantages First, get up early, though painful, but this year, the most painful thing (exercise) to solve the first day feeling will be very good. Fasting morning exercise, easier to consume fat as energy instead of muscle to store energy, not just eat carbohydrates. This is why the first two weeks of eating less carbohydrate truth, let the body must get energy from the accumulation of fat to help maximize reduce fat. Hungry in the morning, so exercise is not so strong, brisk walking, aerobics and aerobic exercise such as more appropriate, strength-based exercise may not be suitable, otherwise they will see stars.

Morning exercise can also improve the metabolism of your day, adjust work schedules so get up early to 30 minutes, and little bit of exercise. Time is tight, morning exercise 20-25 minutes, 20-25 minutes exercise after work. Look at the news jumping aerobics at home, correct.

The most effective way to lose weight in a month

Find a companion with weight loss:

Someone every day and you discuss weight loss experience and progress, mutual supervision alone is much easier than a person. And the best is the people you see every day to get all weight loss at a glance, the comparison is not lazy and lax.

The most effective way to lose weight in a month

4, reduced fat exercise:

If not the morning exercise, time to exercise to do first 20 minutes of light strength training, aerobic exercise again. Because the body is usually 20 points total before they start using the energy stored in the fat, so you start brisk walking or jogging, they begin to burn fat, mind think about all that feel good.

The most effective way to lose weight in a month

5 every 2.5 to 3 hours to eat some food:

5 meals a day instead of 3 meals. So you will not feel too hungry, of course, each meal is not eating and drinking, as balanced as possible, but the work is more difficult, it is more than a little yogurt, milk, fruit and eat (roasted unsalted soy is a good snack choice. ); weekend again, to make hearty cuisine to eat.

Way to lose weight, to lose weight, the most effective way to lose weight


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Weight loss techniques - diet recipes


Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss recipes, yogurt weight loss methods, bean sprouts way to lose weight
Whitening thin soup lean pork 6 two slices washed. Melon 1 kg with Peel block, barley 3 two washed, soaked 2-3 hours 10 bowls of water then boil, add all ingredients (a small piece of dried tangerine peel, ginger one), high heat for ten minutes, the heat and simmer for two hours, salt or flavor exposed seasoning can be eaten daily drink / eliminate the lower abdomen, making skin shiny

Three meals a day to eat bean sprouts bean sprouts lose weight, maintain the three days. Do not eat a different kind of things, without meat oil for three days / decrease of 2 kg

The three-day diet meals ☆ first day

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Toast a two teaspoons of the peanut butter. Grapefruit half

Lunch: coffee or tea. Boiled tuna half a cup (about120cc)

Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea 2 cup of red grapes. Meat two 4 apples a 5 string beans, cup

Vanilla ice cream cup of

☆ next day

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Toast a 3 boiled eggs, a 4 half a banana

Lunch: coffee or tea yogurt cup of soda crackers three

Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Red grapes half a cup half a banana, 4 hot dogs a 5 cup of broccoli. Vanilla ice cream half a cup

☆ the third day

Breakfast: coffee or tea. Apples a 3 two soda crackers .. low-fat cheese a

Lunch: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Toast a 3 boiled eggs, a

Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Boiled tuna cup 3. 4 cup red grapes half a banana. Cantaloupe or cantaloupe cup of vanilla ice cream cup of

Three days / minus 4-6 kg

Seven thin soup first day: eat fruits, except banana fruit, cantaloupe and watermelon, especially low-calorie beverage drink unsweetened

The next day: eat only lettuce, can be equipped with a thin soup to eat, eat up, eat green vegetables, do not eat beans or corn today do not eat fruit

Day 3: fruit, lettuce, soup, are free to eat! But are not allowed to eat the potato should weigh today has lost 5 pounds Hello approximately 2-3 kg

Day Four: only bananas up to three, and skim milk, in addition to thin soup, try to drink plenty of water today, bananas and milk are high in calories, but today, the body needs is rich in potassium, sugar, protein to resist the desire to want to sugar foods and calcium

Day Five: to eat eat beef and tomatoes, up from 0.37 to 0.70 kg and six tomato today is best to drink 6-8 cups of water to flush out the body's acidic and do not forget to drink at least once a soup

Day 6: eat beef and vegetables, you can eat the enjoyment to eat a big the 2-3 steak with lettuce are! But can not eat potatoes, of course, soup or drink at least once!

Day 7: eat brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, vegetables, of course, is still the all you can eat far, remember to drink at least a week soup / minus 5-8 kg

Chen Mei-feng diet of thin soup production methods: 2 to 3 tomatoes a cabbage two green peppers and a handful of mustard two fresh onions, add seasonings according to personal preference, add water, cook over low heat until the vegetables soft

. Except for the first day: eat fruit but bananas, and sugar-free drinks

. The next day: eat green lettuce (except beans and corn) dinner can eat a potato, can not eat fruit

. Third day: fruit, lettuce, or a thin soup freely eat

. Day Four: thin soup, banana or skim milk, drink plenty of water

. Day Five: eat beef fried tomato drink at least once a thin soup to drink plenty of water (up to not more than 0.7 kg of beef and six tomatoes)

. Day 6: eat beef with vegetables, eat it, drink at least a bowl of thin soup (but not eat potato)

. Seventh day: at least drink a bowl of soup, brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables to feed their families during the week / minus 5-7 kg

Yogurt weight loss methods. After getting up to drink 2 cups of boiling water (500cc)

. Breakfast: cereal yogurt (fresh yogurt 250cc nuts), available breakfast cereals instead nuts

. Lunch: fruit yogurt (fresh yogurt 250cc seasonal fruit)

. Dinner: normal meal week / minus 3-6 kg

Yogurt weight loss methods. Eat fruit for breakfast, lunch, drink yogurt 250 g, the best flavor plus AB bacteria or lactic acid bacteria, dinner drink yogurt 250 g

Hungry can drink water or eat the fruit, you want to lose weight more than 5 kg for seven consecutive days to implement the yogurt weight loss methods, To Beauty or less available for 3 consecutive days following the implementation the yogurt diet during the week / minus 3 kg 3-5 kg

Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss recipes, yogurt weight loss methods, bean sprouts way to lose weight

The most effective rapid and healthy way to lose weight

Way to lose weight, make money the fastest way to study methods of self-defense method, high long, cough treatment, hemorrhoids treatment, research methods, insomnia solution, abortion method Quick way to lose weight 01, should not Snooze, Standard, lowest metabolic rate sleep sleep seven hours every day, the least energy consumption, significant increase in the amount of cholesterol and fat synthesis.Fast way to lose weight 02, when hungry, that is, when the body burn fat: this time the movement for half an hour to an hour and burn fat best exercise to pay attention to add enough moisture sugar and oil like: reducing daily sugar (rice and noodles) and food intake of fats, is a necessary way to lose weight.Quick way to lose weight 03, do not drink cooking soup: This soup is high oil content, easily absorbed, and very easy to gain weight, so be sure to keep in mind. Leisure time, eat less: Casual metabolic rate, the calories consumed less food calories shall give appropriate reduced.Lose weight fast way to 04, not late night: Do not eat before going to bed two hours ago, the heat is most easily converted into fat accumulation in the abdomen.Quick way to lose weight 05, do not eat leftovers: In order not to waste every time the bowl and plate of leftovers, feed the stomach, do not gain weight is also difficult.Quick way to lose weight 06, the a weak willpower of fat should make good use of his handedly achieve weight loss results, for example, you want to find a reliable weight loss consultant or looking for family members to assist in the maintenance of ideal body weight for life.07 fast ways to lose weight, limit salt: salt is the easiest absorbent material, taste, be sure to drink a lot of water, four cups of water, one kilogram, namely, there are a lot of people say to drink plenty of water also gain weight because. In fact, the water is to make people gain weight, not the people to gain weight. Therefore, to remove excess moisture can lose weight.08 quick ways to lose weight, go on a diet to lose weight should strictly reduce drinking. Alcohol is the second highest energy food, heat per gram grease seven card. Diet is not hungry, but low-calorie balanced diet, as long as the eating of things, or can-eat and not gain weight, body flexible health and longevity friends up and down power should be in the low-calorie diet.The most effective way to lose weight fast, healthy and effective01 fast ways to lose weight, the general principleA should maintain balanced nutrition, adequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals.B, with the long-lasting appropriate exercise.
C, weight loss should not be too fast, a week 0.5-1 kg (500 calories a day to reduce intake of 500 calories or increase consumption).Quick way to lose weight 02 dietA, cut out sweet, fried, fat and high in nuts (such as peanuts, cashews), soda cola high-fat, high-calorie, and heat concentrated food, drinks boiled water to replace.B multi steamed, boiled, roasted, salad and other low oil.C, eat hungry, do all you can eat (or eat eight full).D nutrition evenly, without neglecting any meals, regular quantitative, do not eat too much, snacks should be included in the diet plan, and should not be late night.E, choose low calorie, volume, dietary fiber-rich foods, you can consider using sugar substitutes (such as aspartame) seasoning.F, slowly, to extend the feeding time.G, do not eat too salty spicy taste is likely to increase appetite, and can control blood pressure, reduce cardiac stress.H, changing the dining order of the first soup to eat vegetables, to slowly eat meat and rice.I, the hungry can not stand, first eat whole wheat high fiber snack, drink a glass of water, and also prepare someJ, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Fruits and try to choose the type of sugar is low. Should not restrict fluid intake, but should adhere to the daily drink enough water.Fast way to lose weight 03 life behaviorA, go one less car, try to take the stairs. Remember, the stairs is a good friend of obesity!B does not encourage excessive TV watching (and also the calories consumed while watching TV than rest).C, brush your teeth immediately after dinner.04, movement onA, according to the physical condition, age select the appropriate motion and reasonable exercise program, when necessary, consult a physician.B, step-by-step: at least three times weekly exercise frequency, daily exercise time by 15 minutes, slowly increasing exercise intensity depending on the individual physical condition (approximately 60-90% of the maximum heart rate, maximum heart = 200 - age). C, the weight loss is reduced to a reach, also long-term to maintain a reasonable weight. Consultation with a dietitian. Weight jagged changes will make future weight loss more and more difficult, more and more body fat percentage, more detrimental to health.My own way to lose weight is recommended (my own experience oh):What method to lose weight the fastestWhat is the fastest way to lose weight The most effective way to lose weight postpartum weightWay to lose weight, make money the fastest way to study methods of self-defense method, high long, cough treatment, hemorrhoids treatment, research methods, insomnia solution, abortion method -->

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Fruits and vegetables fasting way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, fasting, fasting diet, fruits and vegetables, fresh off
Off to eat fruit and vegetables
Vegetables and fruits
The fasting period, yellow, green and red of fresh vegetables is the best choice for all kinds of black mushrooms also be great! Vegetables and mushrooms are supplemented fasting period and lack of vitamins and trace minerals, rich in nutrients, can diuretic eliminate edema, except to play made ​​salad, boiled vegetables, vegetable soup, fresh vegetable juice drink, or select a commercially available vegetable juice can. The same fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber, but the high sugar content of some fruits in the consumption of juice before playing first understand its nutrients Oh!
Weight loss methods, weight loss, fasting, fasting diet, fruits and vegetables, fresh off

fasting way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, fasting, fasting diet
1, the beginning of two days off to eat
The head of every month as a fasting day, adhere to the first year of implementation, you will lose weight.
Fresh off the beginning of the 2nd, the day before the fasting diet minus half the usual. Fresh off the first day of the diet reduced to half the usual day after eating fresh off the increase in volume to the usual 3/4, the third day resumed a normal diet.
Slimming Xiaobian tips: Be sure to pay attention to slowly decrease food, would make the injury caused gastrointestinal function.
2, ginger tea, fresh off method
Take five ginger, 10 grams of black tea, honey appropriate. 90 ° above the boiling water to brew tea ginger, honey and other tea becomes 45 °.
For the crowd: cold hands and feet, the chill in physique, women want to lose weight and eat snacks, often late at night, the biological clock sheer eating irregular.
Editor tips: slimming drink ginger tea, if his stomach burning, they drink less, drink 4-6 cups a day on it.
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3, cucumber, fresh off method
Fresh off between 1-2 days, eat only fresh cucumber. This method can clean up the accumulated toxins and waste stomach, weight loss and also can reduce blood fat, prevent cardiovascular disease.
4, honey, fresh off method
Three meals a day to drink honey water, drink water when adding two tablespoons of honey. Honey bactericidal and detoxifying effect, can improve the result of overeating rather weak internal organs, increase metabolism, promote fat burning. However, this method is not suitable for people with diabetes.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, fasting, fasting diet

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Note to lose weight

Way to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight Precautions
Many people often a way to lose weight eating lettuce salad, lettuce as a staple that the lettuce also can promote the excretion, but nutritionists Chia-Chin Lin said, this is the way to lose weight, extreme malnutrition and serious lack of protein, severe muscle wasting, easy weight regain , and will lead to fat accumulation more.

Nutritionist Chia-Chin Lin to crack several other common diet, including: high-protein diet to lose weight, to speed up the metabolic rate, will increase the burden on the kidney, could easily lead to osteoporosis, cramps. HAART, the use of the side effects of drugs to suppress appetite, accelerate muscle breakdown, complex fat ratio is high. Slimming tea diet, which often contain laxatives, in fact, less moisture, rather than fat. Apple diet, extreme malnutrition, severe lack of protein, severe muscle wasting, easy recovery fat, and the accumulation of fat more.

Last one is recently very fiery buried needles and acupuncture to lose weight, but the Romanian physicians also reminded acupuncture catgut embedding indeed start the body's metabolism through acupoint stimulation steatosis small muscles, but this is invasive medical behavior, or be at risk, so to get a professional to get the medical treatment is better.
Way to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight Precautions


Catgut embedding way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, catgut embedding
After catgut embedding, no need to remove the gut, the body will automatically soften the lines, broken down and absorbed each time pick 8-12 acupoint catgut embedding, its duration of action is approximately 7-15 days, 24 hours a day, sub-sub- seconds seconds duration in the body kept function, so he suggested that weight loss patients, may be once every 1-2 weeks for embedding, until the ideal weight.
The Liujia You catgut embedding local soreness de qi sensation will last for a long time, a small number of patients with early stage that there will be fatigue, without special treatment will go away. The focus should be placed on the skin disinfection work and the catgut implantation site to avoid touching nerves and large blood vessels.

[The catgut embedding weight loss methods Note]

Every time the clinics before cleaning your body clean, easy to diagnosis and treatment. Patients Yichuan loose clothes, women wear two suits is more convenient, please do not wear tights. The catgut embedding, the body relax, do not shake stand up, in order to avoid pain. Where hunger, thirst, drowsiness after meals, are not appropriate acupuncture catgut embedding, embedding thread, please keep calm. Catgut embedding, if any, subcutaneous bleeding or bruising swelling phenomena such as sterile cotton ball in the acupoint pressure for 3-5 minutes, do not rub the bleeding site. Catgut embedding after waiting at rest for 5-10 minutes, confirm that no physical discomfort, before leaving the hospital. Catgut embedding disposal treatment 7-10 days once treatment is more appropriate. Catgut embedding pain may occur, local lumps, swelling, bruising, allergy, paresthesia or infection risks. The wound kept dry catgut implantation at 8 hours should not be wet or bath, avoid local infection and inflammation. Catgut embedding at no bleeding for about two hours, and then a cotton ball and remove the paper glue. If you have any questions please immediately seek treatment processing.
The Liujia You stressed that no matter what kind of weight loss therapy is an adjunctive therapy, must be controlled with diet and increase physical activity, in order to achieve the best results. Taking medicine weight loss drugs, suppress appetite, increase metabolism, with the low-calorie foods, avoid high-calorie foods, and still have to pay attention to nutritional balance to thin healthy and less weight regain.

Diet principles: that the diet is not rejected out of hand, everyone has to eat three meals a day, breakfast may be appropriate intake of meat or eggs, lunch and dinner seven to eight full can. To actively lose weight, be sure to observe the following points:

Do not eat refined sweets, sugary drinks, snack foods, deep-fried. The staple food is rice or brown rice and whole grain starchy vegetables mainly eat noodles and bread. Lunch and dinner before meals the bowl low oil broth. Vegetables you can eat meat and fruit temperance, starch please halved. Three hours before going to bed is no longer eating, not late night.
Basically, the healthy way to lose weight must be carried out in a progressive manner, with a balanced diet and moderate exercise. Slimming holistic therapies is by adjusting the physique, improve metabolic rate and endocrine problems, and the assistance of professional physicians and nutritionists to develop a correct, balanced and good diet and exercise habits, so even after the end of treatment, is not easy to duplicate fat.
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Nutritional diet recipes: cucumber fried shrimp


Weight loss, weight loss recipes, nutrition, weight loss
Material: cucumber 2 shrimp right amount of seasoning:  Mo garlic.
1 cucumber, peeled, cut open from the middle, then cut into diamond-shaped block, transfer to a plate spare.
2, cucumber sprinkled a little salt, and mix well. Is not easy because the cucumber into the flavor, so ahead of time to put some salt mix. But only two minutes ahead enough, a long time, cucumber will too tired.
3, shrimp cooking wine and mix well in advance.
4, the hot oil the Guo Lifang 葱姜 Mo soy pan, into the shrimp stir fry a few, add a little sugar (to smell), and saute for a few pan.
5, onions and garlic foam soy pan, pour after a few cucumber stir fry, pour into the fried shrimp, salt, water, starch, sauce can pan after another.
Weight loss, weight loss recipes, nutrition, weight loss