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Weight loss tips


Way to lose weight, to lose weight, the most effective way to lose weight, weight loss tips 

About excretion of body waste, a very simple method is to eat fish oil, red wine, I spent most of a month once per week, fish oil before going to bed to eat two, red wine to taste (have to buy the sugar-free , not sweet), who tried to have this feeling, and the next morning it will emit a lot of poo quite stick thin belly effect.

2, after the workout, the body will have fever sweating feeling, bow down this time, to the palms your poles, for 5-6 minutes. For doing so, can be extended to the back of the curve.

Some girls have the habit of drinking tea, can also help people lose weight, but be careful not to drink more than one hours bubble tea, especially when eating in a restaurant, the waiter to help you brewed tea, are outdated 's. Best trouble she give you a pot of boiled water. Do not even tea during menstruation, it will distract you iron, causing bodily weakness.

       4, the other if they lose weight stagnant period hundreds of thousands not give up, we must stick to it

Prices or previous efforts, there are several ways to sustained weight loss drink plenty of water 3. Adding exercise 4 and eating vitamin b group 5. Maintain a happy mood

Must have patience to be successful Oh, filling it to believe in yourself.

In accordance with the above method, I think you must be able to slim down to that because I Oh! Gradually get used to this life will be able to slim down to refueling

I lean from 75 to 55, you can take a look (there is a photo of my weight loss)

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☆ ☆ ☆ ★ The following are some quick and healthy weight loss.Your reference to see ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
The most effective rapid and healthy way to lose weight
● Sports fast weight loss methods

☆ jump fly weight loss method daily jump rope thousand under a day / minus 0.5 kg

☆ crunches 20 times a day daily growth has been 20 to 100 times a day every day / minus 0.6 kg

☆ swimming diet every morning and evening to go swimming once a month / $ 2-4 kg

☆ walk diet brisk walking 2-3 months to go more than five thousand steps a day / minus 1-2 kg

☆ raised up exercises to lose weight the right shoulder, and then down to relax back and forth four times. Shoulders with the lifting, and then down to relax, back and forth a total of eight times a month / $ 2-3 kg

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● diet quick way to lose weight

☆ pineapple quick way to lose weight to eat three meals a pineapple. Two days to two consecutive days yo / minus 2.5 kg

☆ bean sprouts quick way to lose weight three meals a day to eat bean sprouts, and the last three days. Do not eat a different kind of things, without meat oil for three days / decrease of 2 kg

☆ speeding enzymes protein quick weight loss methods. Soybeans about 80%, about 15% of the milk calcium, about 5% of honey with cold water to drink brew to twelve days / lose 5-8 kg

☆ Hecu diet buy rice vinegar or natural brewing vinegar, add honey and water blending out the door every morning to drink a glass of month / minus 3-5 kg
Way to lose weight, to lose weight, the most effective way to lose weight, weight loss tips 

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