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2012年10月20日 星期六

Atkins weight loss methods


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I used the Atkins diet, but this method can not be used for too long, although effective

"Atkins diet" swept the United States in the 1990s, from Hollywood stars to former President Bill Clinton,

All the advocates of this trend, the ordinary people in droves.

Atkins diet "commonly known as the" meat diet ", once very popular,

It should be said that this weight loss method can effectively lose weight. It uses the case of lack of carbohydrates in the diet,

To provide calories from protein and fat in the meat. Boiled. Reuben juice seasoning, can not be fried

When the daily carbohydrate intake of less than 100 grams, the body will burn protein and fat,

Result in incomplete combustion intermediate-ketone bodies, mass produced ketone bodies not only can not be absorbed by the body use and when the need to take away a lot of water and ions excreted to achieve the effect of rapid weight loss.

The method advocates try to eat foods with high carbohydrate content,

Carbohydrate foods, white bread, Italian pasta, because these foods will make human blood glucose increased rapidly

Can stimulate appetite, people unknowingly eating more food. Advocates to eat animal protein. So avoid eating because of hunger caused by the large number of

Body break down fats and carbohydrates to produce the heat required for day-to-day activities, and the general rule is to break down carbohydrates, so - once truncated carbohydrate intake, the body will break down fat in order to obtain the heat. In addition, large amounts of protein intake from foods such as meat, eggs, fish and butter, protein can promote the body's metabolism, which can speed up the body to burn more fat. ..
Way to lose weight, the Atkins diet, weight loss, Atkins -->

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