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The principle of weight loss methods

Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss principles of weight loss diets, weight loss life 
Do not eat the aftermath of the weight loss method usually lead to overeating
The less oil Shaoliangduocan better health
Or to control caloric intake
With appropriate exercise such as brisk walking for 15 points
On the lower body weight loss helpful

One, less significant principle

Should maintain a balanced nutrition, adequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals

With the long-lasting proper movement

Weight loss is not too fast a week, 0.5 to 1 kg (reduction of 500 calories per day intake of 500 calories or increase consumption)

Second, weight loss diet

Not eat sweet, deep-fried, fat and high in nuts (such as peanuts, cashews class), soda cola high-fat, high-calorie and heat concentrated food, drinks boiled water to replace

Multi steamed, boiled, grilled, salad and low oil.

Avoid meaningless entertaining.

Eat not hungry, do not all you can eat (or eat eight full)

Nutrition evenly, without neglecting any meal, regular meals, do not eat too much, snacks should be included in the diet plan, and should not be late night.

Selection of low-calorie, bulky, dietary fiber-rich foods, consider using sugar substitutes (such as aspartame) Seasoning

Slowly, extended eating time

Do not eat salty spicy taste is likely to increase appetite, and can control blood pressure, reduce cardiac stress

Changing meal order, first soup, eat vegetables, then slowly eat meat and rice

Small cap holding food to meet the visual

Hungry can not stand, eat whole wheat high fiber snack, drink a glass of water, and also to prepare low-calorie snacks as yangkeng with

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits. Fruits and try to choose the type of sugar is low.

Should not restrict fluid intake, but should adhere to the daily drink enough water.

Three, weight loss lifestyle behaviors

More walking, less car, try to take the stairs. Remember, the elevator is a good friend of obesity!
Does not encourage excessive TV watching (and also the calories consumed while watching TV than rest).
Brush your teeth immediately after a meal
Certain meal on the table, concentrate on eating, not reading or watching TV while eating
Cultured leisure habits and give vent to their emotions pipeline. Do not let romance, boring, bad mood and overeating.
Eat before going to purchase food, grocery shopping should plan.
Think again when you want to eat junk food, the great ideal that you lose the weight
Paste in the refrigerator door for a photo before you lose the weight, it will help you to resist the temptation of food
Timing (Do Libra days, once a week) weighing record, give yourself rewards and punishments in a timely manner
Four, sports

According to physical condition, the age choose sports and reasonable exercise program, consult a physician, when necessary
Step-by-step: at least three times weekly exercise frequency, daily exercise time by 15 minutes, slowly increase exercise intensity depending on the individual physical condition (approximately 60-90% of maximum heart rate (maximum heart = 200 - Age))
Increase the chance of movement in the life
The G best methods for weight loss, increase their energy for more wholesome activities. Should be sustained, bogey Yipushihan the, in particular, can not be hurried. Know the purpose of weight loss is to get healthy and joy, move any healthy weight loss and hurt, are not smart.

Weight loss is reduced to a reach, also long-term to maintain a reasonable weight. Consultation with a dietitian. Weight jagged changes will make future weight loss more and more difficult, more and more body fat percentage, more detrimental to health.

Prevention of chronic disease and maintain a good posture, can proceed from the prevention or treatment of obesity. The use of the diet, daily life movement adjustments can effectively achieve the purpose of weight loss. Weight loss diet pills or other remedies, not only monetary loss, but also damage the health of the side effects. Weight loss is a long war, it is not urgent.
Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss principles of weight loss diets, weight loss life 


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