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2012年10月24日 星期三

Simple ways to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, simple weight loss
Normal eating nutritionally balanced meals + heat control
1 normal to eat three meals a balanced intake of all types of food
Best weight loss normally eat three meals a day is better Oh :) balanced nutritional, the starch protein vegetables should ingest

2 do not touch Fry junk food biscuits candy sugary drinks wine these
These are very high calorie Oh, and usually very salty, eat a lot of easy edema, so to lose weight or eat better yo, if you really want to eat for a week up to 1 like, try to choose a morning or afternoon again

3 more exercise, try not to remain seated
The movement is also very important! In addition to diet, the best aerobic exercise (jogging, stair climbing biking swimming, etc.) is better, If they do not empty can do housework, or at home, dance aerobics aerobics I recommend "Jung Da Yan slimming aerobics, you can check the Internet

4 daily calorie intake to control as much as possible in the 1000-1500 kcal
Weight loss calorie intake recommended control in about 1000-1500 kcal Oh, do not be less than 1000 is not too high.

5 diet pills diet meals best not to buy, and use
Diet pills best not own buying them Oh, unless it is to the doctors, it would be best not in the network chaos Order, hurt the body, and a lot of side effects, weight loss meal, although the effect I saw a few days, however slim down water only, but after they return to normal diet for weight regain, so I suggest that it is better not to use!

Try not to late night snack before going to bed for 3 to 4 hours is not recommended to eat
If you really hungry recommend eating seaweed or fresh fruit, yo!
Weight loss methods, weight loss, simple weight loss

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