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2012年10月27日 星期六

Cycle exercise to lose weight


Cycle exercise to lose weight,lose weight
The thigh movement: legs open standing, larger than shoulder width, feet outward, upper body straight, arms held flat to the left and right sides, shoulder high. Knees slightly bent to the sides, with 5 seconds to make the upper body under pressure. Then further knees, thighs and legs at a 90 degree hips sink.

The waist movement: hands on her hips, elbows open to the sides, legs spread to shoulder width apart, side suction, side with five seconds leaned forward, facing the ground. Then five seconds exhale while slowly on standing posture Yang upper body recovery.

Hip movement: stand facing the wall, with its 20 cm apart, arms bent to lift in the chest, palms close to the wall. Exhale slowly raised his left leg, five seconds back, then edge suction side of feet down, with the toes touch the ground.

Back movement: legs slightly open stand, raised his arms expand to 60 degrees syncline stretch, palms forward. Exhale slowly, with 5 seconds to lay down their arms, elbows bent down and pressure, driven scapula open. Then inhale, recover arms lifted posture.Cycle exercise to lose weight,lose weight

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