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Soy way to lose weight


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'll Tell you about both effective and safe and healthy way to lose weight - the milk diet method.

The principle of weight loss is very simple,
First, do not eat too much,
Begin to reduce the time to let eat less than the actual needs of the body's energy,
After a successful weight loss, eat is equal to the actual needs of the energy of the body;
Second, minus the excess fat in the body.
Achieve these two purposes,
At the same time to ensure that does not affect their health, that is, Chinese medicine say that not to hurt righteousness.
Soy milk is one can achieve the purpose of weight loss,
Also meet the the body nutrition needs of good things.
But if you want to get the desired effect of weight loss
Still have to pay attention to a little trick.

First, drink soy milk?

The soy milk is a low-calorie food,
Cup 300ml soy milk's calories only 42 kilocalories
The cup 300ml milk heat is 150 kcal
The cup 300ml Coke heat is 130 kcal
A piece of pork fat and lean more incredibly, a full 400 kilocalories
So, you use soy milk instead of some foods in the daily diet is ideal,
Can greatly reduce the intake of excess calories.

Drink soy milk is good?

In fact, have a good drink pure milk,
However, some people do not like the taste of pure milk
Or long-term drink easy to drink greasy, want to change the pattern drink
Fruits and vegetables that can add some soy milk,
Such as banana, pumpkin, taste very good.
If you want to add a grain, it is recommended to add grains
Such as corn ballast, fresh corn Ye Hao, or oats and the like.

The soy milk Recommended: pure soybean soy milk

Ingredients: pure soy cup of water
Production Method: Soak the soy beans overnight, washed into the soybean milk, add water to the water line
The (drink concentrated point to the water line can), whole bean soymilk key.
Note that the the soy dip in soy milk relative dried beans directly hit better,
Can dissolve the more soluble dietary fiber, the taste is more smooth.

The soy milk Recommend: corn soy milk

Ingredients: a pure soy, corn ballast cup of
(Better with fresh corn taste, 2 cups) water
Production Method: soy beans soaked overnight, washed together with corn
Into the soybean milk, add water to the water line
(Drink concentrated water line to the next point), grain milk key.

Secondly, what time to drink?

Of course, is the best drink before meals
A cup of soy milk continues, dietary fiber checks to you,
You will be able to resist the temptation of the mouth;
Do not drink after a meal, already eaten up belly up
And then a glass of soy milk continues, it is more support you!
Weight loss people do not want what the morning tea, afternoon tea, these you missed
Soy milk will not drink in the morning and in the afternoon,
Drink before meals.

Soy milk in one kind not nutrients - dietary fiber,
This is something that not a lot of food,
Milk, Coke, all kinds of meat inside.
Surprising to see milk deliberately added dietary fiber.
What are the benefits of dietary fiber?

First, it can be water-swelling, an expansion, the volume of the stomach to be occupied,
You can not eat the extra stuff, it also means that you can not be more energy intake.
The biggest problem a lot of people failed to lose weight is to control his mouth,
Dietary fiber can let you automatically can not eat, you do not care about tube;

Secondly, dietary fiber detoxification
It can bring out the excess fat in your body,
Clean the large intestine, it can be said that both the beauty and weight loss.

Third, how much to drink?

Before meals can drink a glass of 250ml each.
700 ~ 800ml a day almost.
If the grains and soy milk, have nothing more to drink.
In addition to the anti-obesity, soy milk as a very powerful thing, is fat.
Many people are very strange, fat is not the enemy of weight loss,
Soy milk fat how good things.

In fact, it is now larger harm to our body is something called a saturated fatty acid,
Brother unsaturated fatty acids, but it is precisely our weight loss patients gospel.
Unsaturated fatty acids, not only to meet the demand of the body of lipid nutrients,
It also allows you to consume excess saturated fat in the body,
Prevention of high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.

The soy milk fat there called plant sterols something,
Cholesterol relatives excess cholesterol from the body to take away.
Milk, a variety of meat, but basically no unsaturated fatty acids, oh,
Not to mention the plant sterols.

Slimming notified: even the best diet food, also was with the two methods.
First, we must control other dietary intake.
Some super good appetite, and a large glass of milk down,
Little impact to eat other things, and this certainly is not enough;

Second, sports complexes.
Edge control diet, side movement, so as to more effectively have to burn fat,
Will not lose weight and lead to physical decline.
But unfit to exercise too much activity to lose weight
Just do sweat can.
Do not exercise hungry massive eat.
Soy milk with the above two points, necessarily make you lose weight more with less.

Fourth, how to drink?

Weight loss super good method recommended - Okara with drink.
According to scientists found
Okara is rich in protein and fiber, and contains a lot of calcium,
Containing approximately 100 mg of calcium per 100 grams of Okara.
Okara also contains more anti-cancer substances "isoflavones"
Often eat bean dregs, can reduce the incidence of some cancer.

The Okara cellulose can absorb the sugar in the food
Reduce small intestine to absorb glucose, to alleviate the burden on the pancreas.
In addition, the low fat content in Okara, regular consumption can prevent obesity.

Recommended: okara cake
Raw materials: Okara, eggs, flour, water, onion, salt
Okara into an egg, adding the right amount of flour, salt and diced green onion.
2, can be adjusted diluted consistency, and stir into the batter of flour particles with water if too dry.
, Pans evenly coated with a thin layer of oil, scoop a spoonful of batter into the pot after small fire, Heat pan, spread into a round cake.
Until the underside cooked upside down, and fry until golden on both sides, Sheng out cuts can.

Fifth unfit to drink soy milk?

The soy milk is rich in nutrients needed by the body can be said to lose weight not forget health.
But those who drank the stomach to be growling want diarrhea
You have to drink soy milk, completely not drink Actually, I'm necessary.
Do corn gooey like certain anti-obesity
Remember must have a shell corn.

In addition, some the milk drunk diseases may also cause discomfort.

1, acute gastritis and chronic superficial gastritis patients should not eat too much soy
So as not to add too much to stimulate gastric acid secretion condition or cause flatulence.

2, the beans contain a certain amount of oligosaccharides
Can cause belch gas, bowel, bloating and other symptoms,
Gastric ulcer friends eat the best.
Gastritis, renal failure patients need a low-protein diet,
Protein-rich beans and their products,
Its metabolites will increase the burden on the kidney, unfit for human consumption.

Beans oxalate combined with calcium in the kidney, easy to form stones.
Will aggravate the symptoms of kidney stones, kidney stones in patients unfit for human consumption.
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