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2012年10月29日 星期一

Horror movies way to lose weight


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Horror movies can also lose weight! British researchers found that read 90 points Horror burn 113 calories

Equivalent to the energy consumed in 30 minutes to walk, and the more horror films, the more calories burned, after reading
"Jaws" to burn 161 calories. Scholars have pointed out that, in the case of extreme stress, such as fear, the body releases adrenaline

Reduce appetite, increase metabolic rate, burn more calories.
People who want to lose weight is not heard, sitting on the couch watching a movie, or walk 30 minutes to burn calories can be burned.

University of Westminster, UK scientists to observe the reaction of the average person horror movies, they measured the heartbeat of the audience watching movies,
The extent of absorption of oxygen, carbon dioxide emissions to calculate their consumption of energy.

The scientists found that, compared with sitting at the blank screen, watching horror movies will increase in the third of the energy consumption. Average,

After watching 90 minutes of the movie, people will burn 113 calories, equivalent to the energy consumed in 30 minutes walking.

The scholars have pointed out, to allow the audience to scare jumped up and Horror is the best calorie burning tools, because they make the heart beat rapidly speed up.
Weight loss methods, weight loss methods, weight loss

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