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2012年11月2日 星期五

7 weight loss habits


1 meal to add protein

The human body should be one quarter of the calories from quality protein such as lean meat, eggs, fish, protein can contribute to satiety time increased, and also helps to increase the body muscles to maintain, will be faster burn fat .

2 with a hearty breakfast

Almost every weight loss success, sharing Cheats will definitely stressed not eat breakfast, breakfast day energy sources, the study found, the best breakfast containing protein and fiber, for example, can eat milk plus cereal, eat an egg for breakfast can effectively reduce the total calorie intake by 20%

3. Narrow dishes size

Vision will affect the appetite to eat dinner plate (10 to 14-inch diameter), to get a salad plate (about 7 to 8 inches in diameter), the brain receives the message is the same to eat into a food, but the weight is in fact less, but do not affect satiety, the passage of time can also be an effective restraint heat.

Fruit and vegetable intake incremental

Fruits and vegetables, whether or not you want to lose weight, are necessary for the food, but if want to lose weight, eat more necessary. Due to the minerals, vitamins can be beneficial to the body's metabolism, and get fruits and vegetables instead of the greedy, eat snacks, refreshments, potentially able to avoid excess calories.

5. Maintain adequate moisture

A hunger sometimes not really hungry, just the body water shortages feel thirsty signal, once the body water shortages will make the metabolism slows, many poor waste will accumulate in the body, adverse cycle. Just avoid contact with sugary drinks and drink plenty of water, Ribes can help metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

6. Adequate sleep

Stay up all night to make the body to manufacture more auxin (ghrelin), a trigger hunger and save the fat hormone is very unfavorable for dieters; addition, it is often the lack of sleep will be in the spirit of the poor state, thus influencing the mood. The American Heart Association also pointed out that the lack of sleep a day on average more than adequate sleep intake of 500 calories.

7. Artificial sweeteners should not eat

Do not think sugar substitute can enjoy eating without fat, sugar substitutes and other sweeteners would be increased rather than decreased the degree of addiction to sweet, can not get rid of the sweet temptation, you accidentally eat diet cake snacks, or zero cards sodas, artificial sweeteners is wiser to carry the excess heat;

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