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2012年11月1日 星期四

71-year-old grandpa diet recipes


Weight loss recipes, weight loss
Catholic the Xiaoming social welfare Foundation held "dream come true health the Transamerica management plan, sixty two hundred thirty-three kg weight total drop of up to nine% elderly of reduced fat, weight loss goals, a 71-year-old Lin thick base, high agricultural retired teacher before meals to eat first camera to calculate the heat on all PO face book, weight loss recipes and wife craft, has become a hot face book.

    Older, the metabolism slows want dumped oil more difficult, Xiaoming Foundation called on over 50 years of sentimental grandparents together to lose weight, stay away from the "three high", held in the outcome will be published 50-year-old Lam Suet beads The decrease in body fat six. Seven percent weight loss seven. Three kilograms Dux.

    "Weight loss do not necessarily have refused to eat the fish, forest thick base said he stands one hundred sixty-five cm, weight ninety-two kg participate Transamerica course to understand the calories of food fish meal can control, weight loss life can be easily implemented, after ten weeks, weight dropped eighty-eight kg.

    Forest thick-based Society on face book, his wife each meal to cook three dishes and one soup every day before dinner, take pictures, record calories PO face book to attract a lot of people on face book to look at his recipes, color, flavor and with full and very nutritional, senior citizens the health Private menu, press the "Like" the number of ultra-high, and he was very unexpected.

    In elderly witness "away from the three high Healthy Living Action new ideas, and also asked the six secret first move of a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, the second measure metabolism of regular exercise is good, the third recruit enough sleep does not stay up late, the fourth move the monitoring blood healthy living, the fifth move of pulling group forward, the sixth trick healthy life dream come true.
Weight loss recipes, weight loss


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