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2012年10月22日 星期一

A small amount of meal natural weight-loss techniques


Weight loss, weight loss method, a small amount of food, a small amount of meal weight loss methods

1 month
1 do not eat breakfast in the morning, drink oolong tea (the kind of sugar-free)

2 the first month of the Chinese food normally eat, I always buy a chicken lunch

3. Dinner a small amount, amount of about 2 plain rice, eat only vegetables (but can only eat about three of the amount)

4. Climbing stairs --- our company on the 9th floor, so I require their days climbing the stairs, I believe that you must find the place to climb stairs or climb in their own homes can also

The main purpose is to eliminate the fat of the thigh, but when climbing stairs should maintain good posture!

Upper body to keep straight, lift with the strength of the thigh on the stairs as much as possible, do not use the drag or is forced to adopt on the ladder, otherwise the wrong posture, your calves may thicken Hello ~

(On Saturday. Climbing stairs, a short break is very important)

The first month of the PS. Was the most painful experience, and often go to bed hungry, but really have perseverance, weight loss extraneous variables that make you bloated, but physical health for yourself is more important Just keep a healthy state of mind, I think the first month of a certain soon passed to

2 months

The second month of food intake will be gradually reduced, and so reduce noon amount.

1 in the morning, like oolong tea can of unsweetened

Example of the Chinese food for a the drumstick trafficking lunch at noon, the first plain rice first points out

(The amount of about 2 to 3) dishes according eat, but sometimes some dishes: pork, sausage, relatively a little higher calorie of meat do not eat other vegetables can be eaten

If there is something oil with a glass of water, had one look at the water, so that the grease will reduce many

3. Dinner and the first month of the same rice for about 2 to 3, and vegetables is also, if you want to eat meat, then

The best chicken, but can only eat 1 to 2 small pieces, this purpose are reducing the appetite.

Oh! Another point, my meat eating only chicken, try to halogen drumstick, fried, it does not matter, but to pay attention to is the "chicken skin" do not eat, because chicken skin highest heat

Here to remind you to

Sports: climbing stairs becomes twice a day, Saturday., Also the rest of climbing stairs.

3 months

Basically the second month of the same, but to add here, If you want to drink something can only drink two things: sugarless oolong tea and water.

In addition to meals, the rest of snacks. Beverages. Supper prohibited.

Including fruit, why? This is let go to in order to prevent their appetite to

Because in the long-term situation hungry, anything will cause their appetite,
When there will be no control over the situation, which is a very important point.
I failed before many reasons are appetite can not control triggered by overeating.

Weight loss, weight loss method, a small amount of food, a small amount of meal weight loss methods

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