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2012年10月24日 星期三

Want to lose weight first solve the problem of constipation

Weight loss, constipation problems, constipation, weight loss methodsPeople suffering from chronic constipation often have bloating, the formation of hemorrhoids or rough skin, a lot of people have constipation problems, chronic constipation, the body can not waste excreted and accumulate within the intestines, and intestines surface like a filter, the filter holes are blocked after the formation of chronic abdominal distension (pot), the best way to eliminate constipation develop a daily exercise habits, adequate physical activity, metabolism will blood loop will smooth better stimulate gastrointestinal motility bowel habits, develop time. In addition, the daily habit of drinking water 8-10 cups of tea or water, eat cheese, high moisture content of the seaweed, mushrooms, vegetables, konjac, high-fiber foods, pay attention to avoid eating fried foods.
Determination and enduranceWeight loss success did not happen overnight, in the will of depression, want to give up, you may wish to encourage their own, at the same time to remind ourselves, not be futile. But if the body can not really cope with, not reluctantly or down, in order to avoid damage to health.
Stick to three meals a day, non-supperNutritionally balanced focus on this has some nutrition to six major food grains and starchy vegetables, fats and oils, eggs, fish, beans, milk, vegetables, fruits, should intake. To avoid unbalanced diet, daily diet there are some guidelines to follow, the first is not to eat more, not greedy, eat a lot, eat slowly; and the second is the food, but the amount subject to eight full; third is the staple food of various types of whole grains, a high intake of fruits and vegetables, meat, but not excessive; intake of milk, eggs, meat, avoid excessive fried foods, salted and smoked foods, eat hamburgers, pork chops or high-calorie foods such as steak, dip powder fried or thicken foods higher in calories; should also follow a high fiber, low fat, low sugar, low salt feeding way.
Nutritional Protein formula is designed for ideal health and nutrition. The unique formula albumin free of meat, wheat, yeast, lactose and whey, but with nine kinds is very important for the body, but the body can not manufacture the amino acid. In addition, it contains carbohydrates, help to quickly add strength, and the other containing 20 kinds of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B family, C, E, and other herbal ingredients. Low-calorie, low-fat and low-salt, is a source of dietary fiber.
Cup nutritional meal replacement is equivalent toThe high-quality protein (cell elements) = 5 money bird's nestAntioxidants (against aging) = 1 serving of fruit.Calcium (to maintain bone health) = 1/2 cup milkIron (to prevent anemia) = a steakCellulose () = 2 servings of vegetables promote intestinal health
. Quality isolated soy protein and whey protein-rich, comprehensive and balanced nutrition meal replacement product.
. Satiety, easy to lose weight at the same time do not need to endure the pain of hunger.
Mixing 25 g Protein Drink Mix 240 ml of milk, skim milk or other beverages Stir drinking, can supplement the required daily nutrition; 2 times a day instead of breakfast and lunch (recommended and another moderate consumption of vegetables), normal dinner has a slimming function.
Cellulite piece as a natural herbal formula contains unique minerals, vitamin C, iron, potassium and herb formula to help supplement their diets and maintain the health of the body. The occasion of the implementation of weight loss programs weight control supplement the nutrition your body needs. The popular female friend favorite, after use can promote metabolism, so urinate smoothly. When water and waste build-up of fatty tissue in certain parts of our body, we will form cellulite. Cellulite piece from the root of governance, reduce moisture build-up, and help improve the condition of the skin depressions, make skin smooth.
Weight loss, constipation problems, constipation, weight loss methods

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