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2012年10月22日 星期一

Lifestyle to lose weight


Weight loss, weight loss methods, lifestyle weight loss lifestyle
Diet lifestyle changes
A lot of people are over-weight attributed to "eat", so that would not just eat a little fat. On the surface of such a theory makes sense, but will eat a lot of many factors, from bad habits, socialize, the emotional reactions compensation behavior around friends and relatives do not fit, may be associated with overeating closely connected.

First, talk about "bad habits". Modern man accustomed to when a night owl, so often late night habits, did not take long to sleep once eating supper, the conversion of food calories they consume can not be helped, and so, of course, is only stored in the body over time, "Tatu Bellies "and ran out.

Followed by talk about "entertainment." Chinese people about food and humane nation, and therefore accustomed to eat a big meal as festivals, wedding the best way to celebrate many more to food as a reward for their own subordinates and friends and relatives of reward goods;, businessman ultimately dealings with customers entertainment. In the joy of entertaining occasions, it is necessary to control itself does not eat; Therefore, if possible, the best alternative way to socialize. Such as a birthday, its everybody eat a big meal or total taste of the high-calorie cake than similar play a game of ball, pieces of the saved money to buy nice clothes "fit", ready to remind ourselves that weight control, not the top, please ?
Weight loss, weight loss methods, lifestyle weight loss lifestyle

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