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2012年10月27日 星期六

Exercise to lose weight


Lose weight, way to lose weight, exercise to lose weight
One hour a day of strength training
Beginning of movement may be tired, but this can not be a reason to give up. Every day a little tired of the exercise and gradually increase exercise. Weak willpower people will become interested in such fun activities, strength training and speed walking while unwittingly can lose weight successfully, to learn both weight loss and interesting exercise.
Speed ​​to go the best fat burning
Weight-loss plan, the people asked have a problem is speed walking and jogging which more downsizing is good. In terms of consumption of calories, jogging indeed superior to speed away. However, the proportion of fat burning calories consumed, the speed of walking is better than jogging. For example, jogging for 30 minutes consume 332kcal calories and the same 30-minute speed walk consume 220kcal calories. But the amount of fat burned jogging and speed walking are 110kcal. In addition, because obesity jogging knee and ankle injuries caused greater than the speed of walking.
So for people over 10kg more than the standard weight, I recommended speed walking.

Prepare Sports & finishing movement
As long as you think a certain period of time is appropriate, it is a reasonable exercise time, which completely take on when you want the movement of interest. Some people used to get up early in the morning to exercise, some people like that the noon sports, there are people like in the golden sunset jogging, as long as you want, any time of the day can be your ideal exercise time. The key lies every day.
Lose weight, way to lose weight, exercise to lose weight

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