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8 tea ways to weight loss

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Weight loss ingredients and methods & achievements
Poetry & Poor body sculpting tea
. 500cc of hot water to brew a small packet of tea bags, for 5-10 minutes after drinking, a month effect.
. 1-2 times a day, preferably on an empty stomach.
. Ingredients: wheat germ, green tea gall, dried tangerine peel, chicory, cassia seed, hawthorn root, five-leaf ginseng, Apocynum

Minus 3-5 kg

Rose candied tea
. Cellulite slimming long-term drinking can effectively remove body fats, clear stomach stool, improve endocrine disorders, but also conditioning the flesh, delicate skin, eliminate fatigue, relieve nervous weekdays when the tea used better! . Stressed clear stomach stool of efficacy, the body of the stool, the less people will be more healthy and reduce the pile of body unnecessary things, of course, will be thinner Hello!
. Ingredients: California candied pink roses.
. Just drank 500cc cup
. One week effective

1-3 kg less, effectively clear stomach stool, then a serious problem of constipation can be improved!

Slimming legs tea
. Lemon verbena: also known as lemon grass, can slow down the varicose veins, leg edema, Cellulite slimming, intestinal purification, anti-neurasthenia, ease menstrual pain, skin disorders, improve migraine (pregnant women should not).
. Rosemary: enhance memory, refreshing, and can speckle, reduce wrinkles, eliminate bad breath, migraine, neuralgia, strengthen the liver and kidney and heart function, improve menstrual pain, pregnant women should not.
</ FONT>. Lemon grass: stomachic, diuretic, prevent anemia and moisturize the skin, eliminate flatulence, refreshing.
. Ingredients: lemon verbena, rosemary, lemon grass
. Weekdays as a tea
Can effectively eliminate lower body fat, reduce muscle tissue excess water stagnation slip, the puffiness edema effect? ​​Wei C

Fiber beauty slimming tea
☆ not bitter astringent, mild in nature and does not Shang Wei, a slight surge of sweet rose fragrance, refreshing cool taste, smell fragrance good Ruhou the drinking. . Roses: Cellulite thin, delicate skin, eliminate fatigue, improve endocrinology disorders and the conditioning blood gas. Cassia: laxative, Liver eyesight, blood fat
. Cents the quince: xiaoshi Cellulite, promote gastric and pancreatic secretion
. Tangerine peel: Spleen promote the secretion of gastric juice. Licorice: qi detoxification
. Mint leaves: the elimination of bad breath, stomach and intestines, refreshing
. Stevia: pure natural plant sugar substitute (no heat)
. Ingredients: roses, cassia, Sin quince, dried tangerine peel, licorice, mint leaves, Stevia
. Weekdays as a tea, hot and cold drinks can be a month, effective.

Normally about 3-6 kg less maintenance to restore his health, and effective removal of grease for high cholesterol

Oolong tea diet
Diet, eat less, on the shortage of food debris, sometimes accumulated a few days before time, very easy to dry, a good cup of oolong yo!
. Every day simply with open water

Aid digestion, Qutan, solution greasy food and wine, poison, Cellulite.

Lotus leaf tea diet
May cause depression, mental stress, the increased sensitivity of the intestinal tract, and constipation distress, you can drink a glass of.
. Leaves 3 grams, fried 6 grams of cassia, rose 3.
. With boiled water.

Qingshu dampness, water gas edema, germinal Kiyonobu

Cassia seed tea diet
Suitable for the intestines peristalsis slow, especially obese dieters during dieting to lose weight, stool is easy to plot in the body, resulting in constipation.
. Hot brew

Liver eyesight, and Water catharsis.

Barley bud diet
If the body of poor exhaust can cause abdominal distension and bloating, this is recommended to drink barley bud.
. 5 money fried malt, hawthorn 5.
. Add Bingtang Shui brewed into tea.

Appetizers and spleen, and lower gas and digestion addition to inflation.

Lemon tea diet
Both Cellulite, to greasy skin whitening, but also, the beauty very suitable yo!
. Lemon slices
. Squeeze of lemon juice, reconstituted with warm water, add honey.

Able to eliminate fat, aid digestion, skin whitening, nourishing the heart.

Pu'er tea diet
Stomach food plot is not based not only affect gastrointestinal function, and make fat, sugar is not normal fat caused the consumption, drink this tea can effectively remove grease yo!
. Pu'er tea leaves, dry chrysanthemum 5.
. Hot brew.

Can help digestion and eliminate fat.

Rose tea diet
Versatile roses, can dip tea liquor, drink can protect the stomach, may also lose weight!
. 5 g of roses
. Warm boiled water

Blood scattered silt, the governance hepatogastric gas pain.

Chrysanthemum tea diet
Clear fire, the most convenient drink to lose weight.
. Several flower chrysanthemum
. Directly to the hot water.

You can Qingshu fever detoxification, eliminate fat, lowering blood pressure.
Tangerine peel tea diet
If you accidentally eat too much greasy, it does not matter, a pot of dried tangerine peel tea, over and over again greasy.
. 4 grams of dried tangerine peel
. With boiling water

Qi tune Shuganjianpi, Daozhi consumer product.

Hawthorn tea diet
Obese like meat, this slimming tea can make you less healthy and easy!
. Hawthorn 10 grams
. Boiling water

To remove grease, help the body excrete waste, loose silt phlegm.

Acid slipped root tea diet
Absolute weight loss good drinks after a meal cooked on a cup, not only to achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also to enjoy the good taste of the sweet and sour.
. Hawthorn 10 grams, shepherd's purse to spend 10 grams of corn to be 10 grams, 10 grams of root tea, sugar, a little.
. The above taste crushed into coarse end, Jiantang juice.

Weight loss, slimming tea, rose candied tea, slimming legs tea, fiber beauty slimming tea, tea weight loss methods,ways to weight loss 

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