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2012年10月19日 星期五

6 ways to lose weight

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8 Laundry folder folder ways to lose weight
This was to use the laundry folder to get your fingers caught, can stimulate acupuncture points to achieve a slimming effect. The first clip, again caught in the middle of the thumb and index finger at the first joint of the middle finger and the second joint. Folder, of course, guarantee pain Hello!

9. Deposited ice pillow way to lose weight
Ice pillow with a towel wrap on Xiangshou site a local ice about 15 minutes, so you can promote blood circulation and reduce subcutaneous fat. Ice but you can do too much to it, but will be affected by frostbite!

10. Way to lose weight drinking baby milk powder
Tasty, cheap, convenient and nutritious. Infant formula instead of dinner, a month at least 3 kg of lean Oh!

11 toothbrush good body weight loss methods
Americans tried, before and after each meal with a soft toothbrush to brush your tongue can receive reduced appetite effect, because too thick tongue will taste nerve weaken, eat a lot before eating the food of the message spread to the brain, this will issue a message of satiety, so rub came thick tongue taste nerves of the tongue, can increase appetite can be less than the normal half has the feeling of satiety.

12 chocolate reduced fat way to lose weight
Nutritionists remind lose weight need to quit, sweet, chocolate is the number one enemy, but food scientists say that the main ingredient in chocolate, cocoa, you can bring your taste satisfaction before each meal to eat a piece of pure taste of chocolate eating at the day easy to eat, can advance to eat a natural to fork before no appetite.

13. Reduced to a belly air - weight loss methods to lose weight
Weird Japanese, daily breakfast and lunch can maintain the original appetite, night cola instead of a can of low-calorie, carbonated cola to fill its belly, stomach gas make you a sense of fullness, so you can not have starving yet received a diet of efficiency

Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe, effective way to lose weight


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