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2012年10月17日 星期三

Weight loss techniques - diet recipes


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Whitening thin soup lean pork 6 two slices washed. Melon 1 kg with Peel block, barley 3 two washed, soaked 2-3 hours 10 bowls of water then boil, add all ingredients (a small piece of dried tangerine peel, ginger one), high heat for ten minutes, the heat and simmer for two hours, salt or flavor exposed seasoning can be eaten daily drink / eliminate the lower abdomen, making skin shiny

Three meals a day to eat bean sprouts bean sprouts lose weight, maintain the three days. Do not eat a different kind of things, without meat oil for three days / decrease of 2 kg

The three-day diet meals ☆ first day

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Toast a two teaspoons of the peanut butter. Grapefruit half

Lunch: coffee or tea. Boiled tuna half a cup (about120cc)

Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea 2 cup of red grapes. Meat two 4 apples a 5 string beans, cup

Vanilla ice cream cup of

☆ next day

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Toast a 3 boiled eggs, a 4 half a banana

Lunch: coffee or tea yogurt cup of soda crackers three

Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Red grapes half a cup half a banana, 4 hot dogs a 5 cup of broccoli. Vanilla ice cream half a cup

☆ the third day

Breakfast: coffee or tea. Apples a 3 two soda crackers .. low-fat cheese a

Lunch: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Toast a 3 boiled eggs, a

Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea. Boiled tuna cup 3. 4 cup red grapes half a banana. Cantaloupe or cantaloupe cup of vanilla ice cream cup of

Three days / minus 4-6 kg

Seven thin soup first day: eat fruits, except banana fruit, cantaloupe and watermelon, especially low-calorie beverage drink unsweetened

The next day: eat only lettuce, can be equipped with a thin soup to eat, eat up, eat green vegetables, do not eat beans or corn today do not eat fruit

Day 3: fruit, lettuce, soup, are free to eat! But are not allowed to eat the potato should weigh today has lost 5 pounds Hello approximately 2-3 kg

Day Four: only bananas up to three, and skim milk, in addition to thin soup, try to drink plenty of water today, bananas and milk are high in calories, but today, the body needs is rich in potassium, sugar, protein to resist the desire to want to sugar foods and calcium

Day Five: to eat eat beef and tomatoes, up from 0.37 to 0.70 kg and six tomato today is best to drink 6-8 cups of water to flush out the body's acidic and do not forget to drink at least once a soup

Day 6: eat beef and vegetables, you can eat the enjoyment to eat a big the 2-3 steak with lettuce are! But can not eat potatoes, of course, soup or drink at least once!

Day 7: eat brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, vegetables, of course, is still the all you can eat far, remember to drink at least a week soup / minus 5-8 kg

Chen Mei-feng diet of thin soup production methods: 2 to 3 tomatoes a cabbage two green peppers and a handful of mustard two fresh onions, add seasonings according to personal preference, add water, cook over low heat until the vegetables soft

. Except for the first day: eat fruit but bananas, and sugar-free drinks

. The next day: eat green lettuce (except beans and corn) dinner can eat a potato, can not eat fruit

. Third day: fruit, lettuce, or a thin soup freely eat

. Day Four: thin soup, banana or skim milk, drink plenty of water

. Day Five: eat beef fried tomato drink at least once a thin soup to drink plenty of water (up to not more than 0.7 kg of beef and six tomatoes)

. Day 6: eat beef with vegetables, eat it, drink at least a bowl of thin soup (but not eat potato)

. Seventh day: at least drink a bowl of soup, brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables to feed their families during the week / minus 5-7 kg

Yogurt weight loss methods. After getting up to drink 2 cups of boiling water (500cc)

. Breakfast: cereal yogurt (fresh yogurt 250cc nuts), available breakfast cereals instead nuts

. Lunch: fruit yogurt (fresh yogurt 250cc seasonal fruit)

. Dinner: normal meal week / minus 3-6 kg

Yogurt weight loss methods. Eat fruit for breakfast, lunch, drink yogurt 250 g, the best flavor plus AB bacteria or lactic acid bacteria, dinner drink yogurt 250 g

Hungry can drink water or eat the fruit, you want to lose weight more than 5 kg for seven consecutive days to implement the yogurt weight loss methods, To Beauty or less available for 3 consecutive days following the implementation the yogurt diet during the week / minus 3 kg 3-5 kg

Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss recipes, yogurt weight loss methods, bean sprouts way to lose weight

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