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2012年10月16日 星期二

fasting way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, fasting, fasting diet
1, the beginning of two days off to eat
The head of every month as a fasting day, adhere to the first year of implementation, you will lose weight.
Fresh off the beginning of the 2nd, the day before the fasting diet minus half the usual. Fresh off the first day of the diet reduced to half the usual day after eating fresh off the increase in volume to the usual 3/4, the third day resumed a normal diet.
Slimming Xiaobian tips: Be sure to pay attention to slowly decrease food, would make the injury caused gastrointestinal function.
2, ginger tea, fresh off method
Take five ginger, 10 grams of black tea, honey appropriate. 90 ° above the boiling water to brew tea ginger, honey and other tea becomes 45 °.
For the crowd: cold hands and feet, the chill in physique, women want to lose weight and eat snacks, often late at night, the biological clock sheer eating irregular.
Editor tips: slimming drink ginger tea, if his stomach burning, they drink less, drink 4-6 cups a day on it.
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3, cucumber, fresh off method
Fresh off between 1-2 days, eat only fresh cucumber. This method can clean up the accumulated toxins and waste stomach, weight loss and also can reduce blood fat, prevent cardiovascular disease.
4, honey, fresh off method
Three meals a day to drink honey water, drink water when adding two tablespoons of honey. Honey bactericidal and detoxifying effect, can improve the result of overeating rather weak internal organs, increase metabolism, promote fat burning. However, this method is not suitable for people with diabetes.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, fasting, fasting diet

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