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2012年10月15日 星期一

Catgut embedding way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, catgut embedding
After catgut embedding, no need to remove the gut, the body will automatically soften the lines, broken down and absorbed each time pick 8-12 acupoint catgut embedding, its duration of action is approximately 7-15 days, 24 hours a day, sub-sub- seconds seconds duration in the body kept function, so he suggested that weight loss patients, may be once every 1-2 weeks for embedding, until the ideal weight.
The Liujia You catgut embedding local soreness de qi sensation will last for a long time, a small number of patients with early stage that there will be fatigue, without special treatment will go away. The focus should be placed on the skin disinfection work and the catgut implantation site to avoid touching nerves and large blood vessels.

[The catgut embedding weight loss methods Note]

Every time the clinics before cleaning your body clean, easy to diagnosis and treatment. Patients Yichuan loose clothes, women wear two suits is more convenient, please do not wear tights. The catgut embedding, the body relax, do not shake stand up, in order to avoid pain. Where hunger, thirst, drowsiness after meals, are not appropriate acupuncture catgut embedding, embedding thread, please keep calm. Catgut embedding, if any, subcutaneous bleeding or bruising swelling phenomena such as sterile cotton ball in the acupoint pressure for 3-5 minutes, do not rub the bleeding site. Catgut embedding after waiting at rest for 5-10 minutes, confirm that no physical discomfort, before leaving the hospital. Catgut embedding disposal treatment 7-10 days once treatment is more appropriate. Catgut embedding pain may occur, local lumps, swelling, bruising, allergy, paresthesia or infection risks. The wound kept dry catgut implantation at 8 hours should not be wet or bath, avoid local infection and inflammation. Catgut embedding at no bleeding for about two hours, and then a cotton ball and remove the paper glue. If you have any questions please immediately seek treatment processing.
The Liujia You stressed that no matter what kind of weight loss therapy is an adjunctive therapy, must be controlled with diet and increase physical activity, in order to achieve the best results. Taking medicine weight loss drugs, suppress appetite, increase metabolism, with the low-calorie foods, avoid high-calorie foods, and still have to pay attention to nutritional balance to thin healthy and less weight regain.

Diet principles: that the diet is not rejected out of hand, everyone has to eat three meals a day, breakfast may be appropriate intake of meat or eggs, lunch and dinner seven to eight full can. To actively lose weight, be sure to observe the following points:

Do not eat refined sweets, sugary drinks, snack foods, deep-fried. The staple food is rice or brown rice and whole grain starchy vegetables mainly eat noodles and bread. Lunch and dinner before meals the bowl low oil broth. Vegetables you can eat meat and fruit temperance, starch please halved. Three hours before going to bed is no longer eating, not late night.
Basically, the healthy way to lose weight must be carried out in a progressive manner, with a balanced diet and moderate exercise. Slimming holistic therapies is by adjusting the physique, improve metabolic rate and endocrine problems, and the assistance of professional physicians and nutritionists to develop a correct, balanced and good diet and exercise habits, so even after the end of treatment, is not easy to duplicate fat.
Weight loss methods, weight loss, catgut embedding


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