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2012年7月11日 星期三

fast way to lose weight-Swimming to lose weight

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Many people exercise to lose weight ways to lose weight have a certain degree of resistance, one reason is because it is more hard to exercise to lose weight, but also sweat, for many ladies, harder to do than not eat. In addition, many people exercise to lose weight, begin to exercise, weight has not only reduced, but instead rise up. Real-time very disappointed, and immediately gave up the weight loss exercise schedule originally set.

In fact, the exercise method to lose weight and need a longer time, and must be in accordance with a pre-set timetable for exercise to achieve weight loss results without interruption. Second, exercise to lose weight is exercise to burn fat accumulation in the body, so the time of each exercise will take 30 minutes or more, otherwise, the body's sugar you consume is not fat. Finally, the sports diet to control diet, and if so, in the exercise, uncontrolled eating high-calorie food, so not only can not achieve the effect of weight loss, weight will rise!

Among the many sports, swimming is a good choice. Because swimming is a whole body movement, heart and lung function have a lot of help, also avoid the wear and tear and damage caused by the movement of joints of the body such as running. Resistance in water than on land, should be large, so the same exercise time is 30 minutes, the heat consumption is much larger! Swimming to lose weight is a good exercise to lose weight choose.

Tags: fast way to lose weight, ways to lose weight, exercise, exercise, weight loss

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