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2012年7月12日 星期四

Edema, weight loss methods

Edema, weight loss methods
 Edema weight loss methods, weight loss, ways to lose weight, lose weight, watermelon diet, exercise, food a lot of girlfriends edema, if you want beautiful, edema must be eliminated!
The following is to introduce edema weight loss method:

After getting up to do 20 minutes of stretching, so you can help gastrointestinal motility, and allows the body to speed up metabolism, helps the body to a toxic substance excreted.

Edema is a big problem because your eating habits, eat light, you can help you to drain away excess water. Sauvignon and fried food should eat vegetables, high fiber foods you should eat a little.

In addition, there are some foods help the body to drain away excess moisture, such as barley water, red beans, watermelon, etc., will allow the body to eliminate edema phenomenon. Eat after the body of water less a lot of it.

Habits, lose weight and friends the other points to note, if we keep the eleven p.m. sleep, the body can get the best detoxification moment, let the body remove the excess moisture.

If so, you can arrange to do every day 30 minutes of exercise, the effect will be better to edema.

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