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2012年12月16日 星期日

9 weight loss nutrients


9 large weight loss nutrients are as follows
(A) Vitamin B1: adequate intake of all sugars can be converted into energy, so that you do not have to worry about the body to convert sugar into body fat diet, intake of sweet potatoes, pork, corn, salmon.
(B) Vitamin B2: accelerated metabolism of protein, fat, carbohydrates, weight loss can not not add nutrients and to avoid anemia. Foods rich in vitamin B2 milk, cheese, liver, spinach, mackerel, eggs , soybeans.
(C) Vitamin C: burn fat speed up the metabolism and antioxidant utility, every day sparkle radiant. Behalf food: lemon, kiwi, green peppers, strawberries, oranges.
(D) Vitamin E: Vitamin C as antioxidant and can increase the basal metabolic function, weight loss products saint behalf food: nuts, mullet, sunflower oil.
(E) Magnesium: can increase basal metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis. Behalf of foods: clams, seaweed, soy, oyster.
(6) L-carnitine: can directly promote the burning of body fat.: All kinds of meat and dairy products on behalf of the food.
With (7) Zingerone: promote blood circulation and burning body fat. Representative food: Ginger
(H) Coenzyme Q10: make cell activation nutritional intake of energy and consumption. Behalf food: sardines, liver, soybeans, spinach.
(Ix) alpha lipoic acid: make fat synthesis rate. Behalf food: tomato, cabbage, potatoes, green beans, liver
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