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2012年12月17日 星期一

5 key point of Menstruation way to lose weight


way to lose weight
Menstrual new weight loss method of Chinese medicine perspective
 (1) can not stop even menstruation during weight loss measures.
Although this period due to slow water metabolism will make you popular frustration but as long as the menstrual period is over, normal water metabolism, the weight will come down immediately must not be frustrated to see no immediate effect, but can not eat and drink before efforts are burned.
(2) In accordance with the meridian time medical make arrangements to a normal daily routine of the day.
(3) avoid westernized diet
Avoid the consumption of fast food, because fast food is mostly over cooking hot frying destroy nutrients contain excessive heat but only increase the burden on the body and the body did not get enough nutrients also make the body hot and the risk of bad acne fierce.
(4) to adjust the body to cool complement
The modern constitution multi Yinxuyangkang addition to take to avoid eating ice or cold food, diet eat more fruits and vegetables can greatly help promote the blood on the body.
(5) ease the movement so that blood is more fluent
Soothing movement can make the blood more smoothly discharged, can also reduce the feeling of physical discomfort but do not let you in weight loss during develop the good habit of regular exercise interrupt, but you can choose a more moderate movement, the use of menstrual this during the body nursed back to health.

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