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2012年12月23日 星期日

Lose weight egg


Lose weight, lose weight, egg anti-lipoprotein
The Council of Agriculture has developed anti-lipoprotein help curb fat mice experiments show production as early as next year listed
Before eating made ​​by the anti-lipid yolk lozenges or capsules, is expected to reduce the fat opportunity.
Lose weight egg weight loss principle
The associate researcher, JF Liu said, human consumption after pancreas secretes enzymes break down fat decomposition food lipids, and then absorbed by the small intestine, the first layer injection fat decomposing enzyme (enzymes) antigen, produced under the yolk of the anti-fat capacity .

The research team first fed mice ate a high-calorie diet, increased its weight from thirty-five grams is 45 grams, then grouping, which fed the weight almost unchanged anti-fat egg extract, another group not fed The weight continued soared to fifty-five grams. JF Liu explained that the anti-lipoprotein extract in mice belly, inhibit fat decomposing enzyme to break down food lipids, reduce intestinal absorption and no side effects.

The technology recently migrated biotech companies, the future yolk freeze-dried and made into tablets or capsules, the fastest production is expected next year listed.
Lose weight, lose weight, egg anti-lipoprotein

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