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2012年12月16日 星期日

Slow way to lose weight - healthy weight loss


Slow way to lose weight 
Eat slowly, find the "proper" diet.

2 ponder, basic weight loss principles. Because leptin hormone to stimulate the central nervous system requires about 20 minutes.

3. Appropriate food
Whole grains, brown rice, grains, rice, whole grains of rice or flour.
Soy can reduce cholesterol, phytoestrogens can increase bone density, but also can prevent menopausal disorders.
If the focus of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, the focus of Japanese macrobiotic diet is seaweed.
Fiber foot tubers, can chew through natural, stimulate the appetite center, feeling full. The dietary fiber may also be delayed carbohydrate, fat absorption, and from the excessive intake of fat.

Slow weight loss is easy, and enjoy a healthy diet to lose weight!

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