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2013年9月3日 星期二

Naked weight loss - weight loss and beauty naked

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Lead: From the 1970s, some U.S. families have fashionable naked, and now in the U.S., with a growing trend in the number of naked, age also gradually become larger, with 21% of men say naked Let yourself relax. In Japan, naked as sleep problems have been respected expert from the Institute.

Sleep experts agree with the Japanese method

Japan in the early 1980s formed a national "Light hip family," began after naked respected. Painstaking research questions naked Hokkaido, Japan Atsushi Maruyama doctors that Hokkaido has a village, all residents naked habit, almost no sleep.

This is because the naked bring clothing can reduce the sense of restraint, people feel from being tied to liberate the day, which will help improve sleep quality. Japan Institute of sleep expert, agrees. Domestic and foreign health homes and physiologists has found that not only can sleep naked body stretch and comfortable, and is also good for health.

Naked genitals care

Female genital humid all year round, if there is adequate ventilation can reduce the likelihood of suffering from gynecological diseases. Naked people not only feel warm and cozy accident, even a common gynecological physiological menstrual pain, low back pain and has also been reduced. Past due to cold hands and feet and could not sleep for women, after the manner of taking naked, will soon be able to sleep. Naked men can also create cool the environment, to avoid overheating and motility of sperm because of the poor.

Naked cure insomnia

Naked for insomnia also have some soothing. No clothes bondage, the body naturally relax, blood flow, cold hands and feet can improve the situation of some people helped into deep sleep.

Naked to lose weight
Because human skin can secrete and emit some chemical substances, if clothes and sleep, it will undoubtedly hinder normal skin "breathe" and the evaporation of sweat, clothes, oppression and friction on muscle will also affect the blood circulation. Naked kind of unfettered freedom pleasure, so get a good blood circulation, skin breathe fully, oil consumption accelerated, contribute to weight loss.

Naked to beauty
No clothes isolated, exposed skin can absorb more nutrients, promote metabolism, enhance the secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, sebum excretion and favorable regeneration, skin have a transparent feeling. While facilitating nerve regulation, strengthen adaptation and immunity.

Naked pain can be cured
When the naked body of great freedom, can effectively relax the muscles, the treatment of nervous diseases, the efficacy is extremely high, especially abdominal visceral nervous system is easy to get rid of tension, but also to promote blood circulation, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, and low back pain, headaches and other diseases to get a greater degree of improvement.

Naked vigilance four notes

First, in the home is too small, the family shared or collective life is inappropriate when used as tension will lead to the opposite effect. It is best to have a relatively secretive, independent environment.

Secondly, the living environment to air circulation, temperature suitable, quiet and comfortable, this can relax and ideologically, and build a good night's sleep premise.

Again, be sure to keep warm, adjusting the bedroom temperature and humidity, to avoid the cold and sweating. Finally, the bed of the hard and soft to moderate, bedding should be clean, fluffy, regular cleaning and accept sun exposure.
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