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Blood type weight loss methods

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The blood type diet is a diet by Peter De Daimeng proposed. Peter the De Daimeng (PeterD'adao) is the state of Connecticut, a well-known naturopathic physician. His blood type diet is to provide a different diet, different blood types, so as to effectively lose weight, slow aging, and can even prevent cancer and heart disease. De Daimeng also published "eat blood type," this book details, blood type weight loss.
Type A blood, weight loss methods
A blood type is mostly steady, focused, and advocating a perfectionist, and more emphasis on the surrounding atmosphere. However, due to the excessive pursuit of the perfect type A blood, easy to own a lot of pressure. A blood type is most likely to overeat.
Weight loss blood type A are suitable to eat cereal, rich in cellulose digestion and the body's food, prevent fat accumulation. Can meet to take a long time of exercise such as walking and running, relieve stress and effective weight loss.

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Diet blood type B
Most of the people of blood type B to get things done, hearty personality, hobbies, likes the new and lively food. Type B blood is most like the excitement of people of all blood group, is particularly suitable to participate in the lively occasion of the banquet. B blood type people tend to fans of a food, like the flavors of food.
For weight loss, blood type B can choose a dumbbell baseball and other sports to help light the diet. Taste too heavy easy hypertension. At the same time alcohol is taboo to lose weight, but if not avoided, to control the amount of alcohol and drinking frequency. Note and combinations of food and wine
AB blood type, weight loss methods
The most important feature of the AB blood type is rational, calm, intellectual, good interpersonal skills, but sometimes volatile temperament, showing some extreme, has a dual personality.

AB blood type of people to lose weight for select dance and other sports. Diet bread, pasta with soy milk or salad with milk or sushi with ginger pickled in vinegar.
O blood type weight loss methods
Blood type O people are mostly interested in hobbies, likes to set goals and work hard, strong logical focus are blood type O characteristics.
Most of the people of O blood type like meat, but eat very fast, best to eat more fruit for weight loss. Diet can try to drink fresh fruit juice in the morning, detoxification diet. Eat hot pot Jia Rusu seed oil speeds up metabolism. You can also barbecue with kimchi salad. Sports aerobics.

Way to lose weight, blood type weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss, rapid weight loss, blood type diet

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