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2011年8月22日 星期一

Best weight loss food

Best weight loss food

What is the eyes of the public the best diet food? According to this (22) issued a new survey, sugar-free milk is a popular choice for weight loss, followed by the salad category, while the people lose weight the most common sports top three, in sequence for walking, climbing stairs with brisk walking.Yishi Bang Fitness Club,7-ELEVEN and Cosmed jointly organized "calorie weight loss battle wins" has entered the tenth week, according to statistics, a total of 80 002 thousand people participated, and by the launch of calories 7-ELEVEN diary APP and 15 million people download, and after weight loss recorded in the implementation of calories, which record the weight of the average consumer at least by 2.5 kg.Mr. Huang, in particular thin will share the most successful weight-loss tips at two months he lost 10 kg, said he signed up after the event calorie weight loss battle won, the first phase of his first use of Chain Store fresh to adjust the diet, foods into a series of light food, not too much attention to the heat, the second stage, the fitness club, regular exercise five days a week, every two hours to do aerobic exercise along with weight training, two months reduced by 10 kg.